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Published on June 25th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


A thrilling body of work from the encrusted mask wonder, Blayze DeVille!

Mistro Records artist Blayze Deville dropped a surprise EP and no-one was the wiser. In private chats, he says “I just wanted to test what the possibilities are regarding my fans, and it’s just been a minute since I dropped music, so here you go” and he sent out a link to something very beautiful!

Blayze DeVille sent out an email to his fan list quoted – “For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been putting together this project, and I’m proud and excited to present it to you. I’ve spent the last month with a throat infection, one that I’m still dealing with at the moment, but I decided that it won’t stop me from producing and recording this EP. This music means a lot to me, and what means even more to me is the fact you opted in to get to be involved in this part of my life.

Thank you, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the work.
PS, the links are private, made that way so that you can exclusively enjoy this music before anybody else”

Blayze Deville – River Isle

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