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Black and Nobel: Sea Moss Gold… Put Life Back Into Your Body

If you believe in the phrase, health is wealth, Black and Nobel’s product, Sea Moss Gold is the pinnacle to achieving those sometimes-elusive health goals that everyone seeks.

Hakim Hopkins and Tyson Gray may have struck gold. Literally! Their product, Sea Moss Gold which is available in gel form and dry form is flying off of the shelves. The duo from Philadelphia combined trust built from a 25-year friendship, an incredible vision, and extreme work ethic to form, Black and Nobel; which started as a popular bookstore and have since grown into a major landmark on South Street in Philly. Their main focus right now is Sea Moss Gold. A cell proliferating product that rebuilds most cells in the body. Not to be confused with, Irish Moss (a detoxifier) Sea Moss, helps with not only the digestive system but contains several vitamins and is high in magnesium, protein and sodium phosphate. Rapper, Tone Trump has been one of the main proponents of, Black and Nobel’s, Sea Moss Gold.

I recently caught up with both Hakim and Tyson. They share the benefits of, Sea Moss Gold, explain the differences between Sea Moss Gold and Irish Moss and talk, Dr. Sebi’s influence.

What is Sea Moss Gold and why is it so important for us to ingest?

Tyson Gray: Hakim (partner) has always used Sea Moss. It got to the point where he would get it and it would always be in the store. It got to the point where people would be like, “Is that sea moss? I’ve heard about it. We linked up with, Sister Omi. She was a blessing for us. She helped us change the path. For 30-years she was dealing with Sea Moss. She would be with, Dr. Sebi before he was who we all know him as. So, she learned hands on, she learned from the best about sea moss. When we got involved, she helped us really understand what Sea Moss does for everybody; especially the babies.

She told me about a newborn baby that could use sea moss for a mother that can’t produce milk. When she told me that, I took it more seriously. That really started to kind of open my eyes. So, we ventured up as a partner. She was selling it with no label.

Hakim Hopkins: She was known all over the city (Philly) and Brooklyn and that whole area. She was a legend for… not just sea moss, but Sea Moss Gold; which we developed it because she had a special one. She would never go deal with just any old Sea Moss. She would travel the world and find the right stuff. That’s when we connected with our supplier and we said, we gotta put a stamp on this beautiful product that helps you in so many different ways. For her, she didn’t have labels or anything because for her it was like, “I gotta heal my people.” That’s how she lived. If you went and visited her, her phone stayed off the hook. Her apartment was like a full-fledge factory. So, when I used to go over there and get it, I was like, “How could we put this in the stores. You gotta put a brand on this. You got all of this going on and you don’t even have a brand on it.”

So, we came together and created that brand, Sea Moss Gold because everybody called it Irish Moss; all the Caribbean people and African people. Everybody called it Irish. So, we wanted to change the narrative because the Irish didn’t make it, Dr. Sebi didn’t make it. And the Irish Moss is much different. Not to take anything from Irish Moss, I just wanted to explain why we are so popular because we have a special species and it grows only in the Caribbean. We just got tired of everybody comparing it to, Irish Moss. We wanted people to know that this was a different brand. So, we worked hard at that and now the Gold is the one that everyone is looking for. So, for years and years we just promoted, Sea Moss Gold and that’s what everybody’s asking for, so we’re blessed.

You can purchase the, Sea Moss Gold gel or you can get the regular Sea Moss which you have to soak in water and kind of create the gel. Walk us through the differences.

Tyson Gray: The difference between the gel and the dry, there is no difference. The only thing is, we noticed that people would buy the dry because it was the popular brand or the hype. We want people to use it. So, it’s a process to it becoming a gel; the cleaning, the rinsing, the soaking and the blending. Well, a lot of people don’t have that kind of time. So, we decided to make it into the gel and that would increase the people using it because the time is cut. Now you can get up in the morning, scoop some out of the bag, put it into whatever and go. It’s convenient.

Hakim Hopkins: That’s where we are at right now and we have been talking about doing the gel for years, but we couldn’t really get the gel out there around the world like we wanted to and like we are doing right now because we were putting it in mason jars and it was hard to ship that way. But now we got it.

Tyson Gray: For years we have tried to learn the process to make sure that we get the best product that we can out to people, not just a product. The best!

Hakim Hopkins: All of the hype that you hear, because there is a lot of hype right now, we have been developing for years. We’re not even rushing at this moment, but we are amazed at the impact. We didn’t start it, but we put the sauce on it. We know this because we have multiple people praising the brand for presenting it. We didn’t do anything special, my brother, we just have what the people need. I just wanted to go back to why we changed the narrative, because the Irish… big up to them, they coined the name, Irish Moss because they survived off of it during the depression. They had potatoes and Sea Moss. That is what they lived off of and that’s why it was coined after them. I don’t want people to think it is a battle, but I just want people to know that we have something special that comes from South America up to the Caribbean.

Tyson Gray: Every Moss does do something for you. But the Moss that we have, does something for everything.

Let’s touch on that, what are the benefits to getting, Sea Moss Gold into your system?

Tyson Gray: It increases your oxygen levels, it pulls out toxins, it pulls out radiation, it increases the circulation of your blood, it’s great for inflammation; you could use it as a topical product because it regenerates your organs. Your skin is your biggest organ, so we have also developed soaps and different products that you can use on your skin; face masks and things like that that normally has all these chemicals that you shouldn’t ingest or even put on your skin. There are a lot of lotions and products that are actually causing gout because you can’t even process the ingredients into your skin. Sea Moss gives you 92 trace minerals out of the 102 trace minerals of the human makeup. That’s not even including the vitamins that it provides on top of the minerals.

Hakim Hopkins: Also, I try not to say this, because I like to let people find out on their own. But it is an all-natural circulation, for men and women, it’s good for all the organs if you know what I mean.

Tyson Gray: It replaces Viagra. Point blank.

Hakim Hopkins: I was going to say it’s natural Viagra. I want people to find that out on their own.

I take it straight up. Right out of the bag. But you can add it to salads, smoothies and things of that nature. Should I be taking it pure or should I add it to something as well?

Hakim Hopkins: You’re doing everything right. Are you kidding me? That’s the only way to take it.

Tyson Gray: The most natural way of doing it is just how you’re doing it. The only reason to include something is if you’re not used to the texture or the taste to get it into your system. There is really no wrong way to take it. For the dry, we tell people, rinse it off good and get it clean and put it into your water bottle and let it infuse into your water.

Hakim Hopkins: One little piece can fill a whole jug up because it will swell up. And that’s what it does in your system. The way that it swells up when you ingest it, it’s swelling as you take it; going down your esophagus all the way down to your digestive track till the end. It gives you the smooth move concept. We don’t have to sell that. You know how many people have digestive problems? Because they eat animals’ morning, noon and night and they don’t break it down for 14-hours. We are eating so much that we’re not giving our stomachs time to break things down.

Tyson Gray: It increases digestion and that’s the main thing. That’s where all the toxins are. We’re full of shit. And it doesn’t give you the runs. That’s the great thing. That’s another benefit that I was going to tell you. It increases your ability to use the bathroom and it cleanse. With it pushing out all the toxins and everything, it also gets into your system and makes it easier for those toxins to leave your body.

Hakim Hopkins: Thank you, Tyson for bringing up the skin situation because I push these soaps because of what it does for me. You just made perfect sense by saying that the skin is the biggest organ on your body because you’re absorbing the Moss through your skin as well or your hair. The skin is everything. There is shit on our skin that we don’t see. There are all kinds of bugs and shit on us constantly.

Tyson Gray: To hear other people’s testimonials. I know when I’m talking about it, in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I know these people think I’m lying,” because I’m talking about it so great. I’m telling them all this stuff and it’s true. It’s all factual. When you hear other people like how, Tone [Trump] talks about it and the elderly talk about it and my 3-year old nieces talk about it. Their daddy makes them a Sea Moss smoothie every day.

Hakim Hopkins: That’s what we want to put an emphasis on. We want more children taking it and we are in the process of making kid products. We developed it a few years ago and I want to coin this phrase because I know it’s going to come out. We developed frozen products; Moss pops for the children. It’s like a fruit bar. It heals, man. I’ve had people bleeding eternally and I tell them to eat a whole bag and their good.

Tyson Gray: Imagine a child with bad digestion and they don’t know they have bad digestion. They eating the chips, candy and fast food and all that kind of stuff and they don’t know. Our mentality is, let’s find the best way that even a child can eat it. We know adults who were raised off of Sea Moss as children. You meet people who have been on Sea Moss their entire life and you can tell. This isn’t something new. It may be new to the people who are getting the information now.

Hakim Hopkins: This is out of the ocean. That’s why we changed the narrative to Sea Moss because it’s out of the sea. If you go to any Caribbean or African store, that are owned not by Caribbean’s and African’s, they are owned by Chinese people. I’m just going to keep it straight up; they are selling Irish Moss for dirt cheap. People are so used to getting it… we are happy that they know that it’s another level of Sea Moss. It’s not just Irish Moss, which definitely detoxes the body. This particular strand that we have is called, the Eucheuma Cotoni.

I can say, it’s a great product and the shipping is very fast. It came in very quickly. Is there anywhere where people could research more about your product and purchase it?

Tyson Gray: There is more information out there on our YouTube page and our social media sites which is @blackandnobel. I want to also say, all of those Irish Moss products, cleanses and detoxifies and all that, but the Moss that we have also rebuilds. It puts it back and rebuilds your organs. You go to workout and lift weights, you’re busting capillaries all through your system. So, if you were to go lift weights and then drink something to put that right back into your system to rebuild your capillaries that are broken, it’s that simple. It’s a no brainer. Why wouldn’t I. But they can go to they can go to All of our social media handles are a good way to keep up with what’s going on with Sea Moss. We get direct feedback from the people and post it. You can also go directly to my Instagram @gravitymarketplace and directly to Hakim’s Instagram @hakimhopkins. Or you can come visit us on 410 South St. in Philadelphia.

Hakim Hopkins: I also want to let people know; this is not medicine. This is plant life gold from the sun. You’re basically putting life back into your body. Also, be on the lookout for my book which you can see on my website, it’s coming out 7-19-19 and it’s called, “My Journey With Dr. Sebi!” That is firsthand information from Dr. Sebi. No hype. This is coming from somebody who walked with, Sebi daily for years. The publication is, Sebi’s words. We have our Honduras brother who did all of, Dr. Sebi’s footage the last 2-years of his life. And we are actually a part of the book and the journey because we helped develop the whole blueprint of the tour. It was his final tour. They brought, Dr. Sebi to us in 2014 and it was his first time speaking in over 10-years. We sold out completely and from there they went on international tours. Mr. G is going to be the one putting it out.

Then after that comes the documentary that you have been hearing about with, Nick Cannon. We’re instrumental with a lot of things that go on in the camp because we do the work, we do the promotion and the marketing. We are on the ground. We are the “Dirty Boot Crew.” We didn’t even mention that we have a business where we ship books to prison. We have been doing that for 13-years nationwide. We get literature for people that are behind the walls. So, even in the prison system people know who we are. Even in Louisiana because you guys got chain gangs and all kinds of shit going on. We focus on mass incarceration, not because it’s trending, but because that’s a part of our journey. It kind of made us who we are before, Sea Moss Gold. Being able to keep those families connected, we took pride in that.

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