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Published on June 19th, 2019 | by Jae Monique


Soulja Boy and Almost Famous – Breakout

The “Breakout” track with Electronic DJ duo Almost Famous and hip-hop artist Soulja Boy are heating up this summer with the “Breakout” track and a video. The track perfectly syncs bass heavy trap sounds with synthesizing and intricate electronic production. Soulja Boy raps about his well-established presence in music and his luxurious lifestyle.

Soulja Boy’s manager Miami Mike stated, “I think that this song with Soulja Boy and Almost Famous is super dope. The Culture will definitely embrace him with this song. And Almost, really did their thing on this song. I really love this song.”

Simar explained how the track came about, “the collaboration was very organic.” He continues by saying, “thereafter we made a couple of options for Soulja and he instantly thought it was dope and we finished the track in 18 minutes! In fact, we produced the track on our laptop sitting out of a bedroom apartment in Bombay last February.”

Rishab Sadarangani provided some insight into the vision. He stated, “We want to take India to the world. We have been working along Hollywood artists since a year, and we realized we were making the same kind of music that our international peers were creating. This is when we started incorporating instruments to create a unique blend of Indian instruments such as sounds of the shehnai, flute, tumbi, sitar and tabla. Our music is about blending the two cultures effortlessly so that the hip hop becomes a big happy global family and there is no divide. We are happy to see how well the hip hop scene in India has evolved and with films like Gully Boy it’s interesting to see how musicians with humble backgrounds like us finally are living their dream.

Almost Famous is comprised of Rishab and Simar and has been active on the music scene for several years having performed at major festivals.

Soulja Boy has been known laying the groundwork of successfully utilizing the internet to break as an artist. Having career that has spanned for more than a decade, the artist had hits that were on the Billboard Hot 100 including “Kiss Me Thru the Phone”, “Pretty Boy Swag”, and viral dance hit “Crank That”. Outside of music, he is also an entrepreneur who has launched businesses such as Exotic Pop, SouljaWatch, SouljaGame, SouljaPhone, SouljaBoard and SouljaDrone.



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