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Published on June 25th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Chey Rose Captures Playful Emotion of Crushing Hard in Fun New Single, V.C.R.


Taking a drastic 180 from her last release, sultry, dark-pop Good Habit, Chey Rose dives into light-hearted romance with her brand new single, V.C.R., a synth driven pop tune that relishes the passionate spark of fresh infatuation and the delicious emotions that come along with a new crush. This Summer anthem for young, zealous love is conveyed through Chey’s warm tone and buttery- smooth vocal runs. Bouncy synths, rhythmic beats & crisp melodies mesh together to create a carefree, happy-go-lucky tune comparable to Khalid’s Talk and Taylor Swift’s You Need to Calm Down. The song was released on iTunes, Spotify, and all digital retailers.

V.C.R., co-written with Nashville talents Shir Czopp and Will McBeath, portrays the chemistry of newfound love through unique, unconventional lyrics in order to parallel the way love often feels unconventional, indescribable and nonsensical. For instance, the phrase “Velvet Cosmic Rush,” doesn’t make complete grammatical sense, however, invokes a distinct and flavorful feeling that will keep listeners playing it on repeat all Summer long.

“I really think the happy, whimsical tone in V.C.R. is a direct result of how we felt in the room while writing it! This session was the most fun I’ve had in a long time – we were constantly laughing and the song came out so easily,” says Chey. “I love that we were able to capture a specific emotion without spoon-feeding the theme to listeners. What even is a ‘heaven cupid crush,’ or a ‘velvet cosmic rush?’ I don’t exactly know, but I can feel what it is. And love works that same exact way.”

About Chey Rose: Artist-songwriter Chey Rose has already begun carving her niche in the music industry. Writing from a deep place of raw, descriptive sentimentality, Chey draws inspiration from her personal life experiences, crafting songs that carry the spark of young love, carefree memory making & nostalgia. Her sultry tone & icy smooth vocals, combined with the fresh melodies & sharp production in each of her tunes, mesh together to create a sound described by The Belmont Mixtape as “a Kehlani-meets-Lauv blend, with a sprinkling of Troye Sivan lyric-magic & a hint of LANY alt-pop influence.”

Chey’s musical influences also include artists Olivia O’Brien, Khalid and LANY. Aside from her solo artist career, Chey is an avid songwriter and is frequently cowriting with other musicians and NSAI members. She has had recently had outside cuts by artists in both the country pop and pop/r&b scenes.

Originally hailing from Columbus, OH, Chey currently attends Belmont University in Nashville, TN, majoring in songwriting and minoring in music business. When asked to sum herself up in one sentence, her favorite response is that she is a “lover of good lyrics, handwritten letters, travel adventures & anything cat related.” Chey is frequently performing her original music & collaborating with other musicians. To keep up with Chey’s performance schedule and latest news, follow her @CheyRoseTunes.

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