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Published on June 28th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Cliff Savage Drops Sizzling New EP ‘Lone Wolf’

Back Story – During the early 2000s, Cliff Savage experimented with different beats and sounds, creating the viral “I Jerk Solo” track. Around 2009, the viral phenomenon of The Jerk Movement began, making Cliff the forefront. Impressed with the rapper, girl group, Baby Dollz approached Cliff and then was introduced to the rap trio, The Ranger$. Millions of views later, Cliff discovered he had fans across the world, all joining The Jerk Movement.

Cliff is also the mastermind behind the Spotify hit, “Uber”, accumulating over 5 million streams.

Signed to Cleopatra Records, Cliff  just released his EP ‘Lone Wolf’, an introduction to a new Cliff Savage, paired with a broad new voice that won’t stand to be ignored. A fire fueled within compelled him to create a project for his fans that proves there’s no harm in being different and to push forward despite the odds.

The EP is a straight ride through…no skips and sonically crisp with vocals you can understand and appreciate…totally refreshing. ~ JD

Self-made indie label, Different Family, is a continuous theme to ‘Lone Wolf’. Created three years ago, Cliff wanted to make being different socially acceptable. He brought the idea that we, as humans, are all connected in some way or another, that we are all under one umbrella and all have a purpose.


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