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Published on June 27th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


EBIE, Daughter of Eazy E Speaks on Budding Friendship with Nipsey Hussle, New Music and the Legacy of Her Father

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Ebie, daughter of the legendary Eric “Eazy E” Wright weighs in with The Hype Magazine on the passing of Nipsey Hussle, their budding friendship and how his impact went far beyond his music. She also draws a correlation between Eazy and Nipsey as they each gave others an opportunity to feed their families and both were lost just as their influence was hitting a major height in multiple arenas.

Having lost her father young, she’s constantly heard from his fans that listening to Eazy-E and NWA somehow keeps him alive in their hearts. She finally understood this as she dove deeper into Nipsey’s music and legacy; feeling deeply connected to his modern-day stories of a Crenshaw gangster turned businessman and father.

As a singer and songwriter herself, she was introduced to the rapper [Nipsey] through the local hip hop community and had been building a friendship based on mutual respect that represented the past and future of Westside rap culture. Ebie had been following Nipsey’s career for the past few years and felt a sense of pride in seeing him finally having the larger audiences of music embrace him and had been hoping for her moment to collaborate one day. With her first single, “Heart Hurts,” aimed for release this summer, her expression of feelings have just begun. For now, check out the Ebie’s cover of Nipsey’s “Double Up”:

During the conversation, Ebie discusses her fears for others who come from the streets to the suites and begin to lead others out of the trap so to speak stating what we all know to be true and that is that as soon as an aware young black man begins to make a difference and not follow the status quo, he becomes a threat which needs to be eliminated or seperated from the pack. It’s really on some Dark America type *ish but the facts are there.

On the positive, EBIE brings us up to speed on her music and reminds people that first and foremost she’s a singer, not a rapper, feeling that the usual perception is that because she’s Eazy’s daughter, the most natural thing for her to be doing is rap…not the case! She credits her mother for her musical talent and acumen not dad!

It’s easy to to write a bunch of fluff about an interview or conversation, but to get the full impact, you have to HEAR it from the source and get connected with the emotions that run through the conversation, as in this case, we have someone who lost a friend AND father before she got to really connect on surreal level and that pain can’t be painted in black and white…TUNE IN!

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