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Euro American Glamour Model ‘The Numera Una’ Is Taking Instagram By Storm

Una Nedeljov was born on November 9th, 1993, in Pancevo, Serbia. She moved to The United States when she was 13 years old, living in Long Beach and Orange County, California. She is currently based out of Los Angeles. In addition to modeling, she is an actress, social media influencer, TV personality, and host. She has appeared in several magazines, television programs, and music videos throughout her blossoming career.

It may sound cliché—everyone thinks they’re taking something by storm nowadays—but Webster’s dictionary should have an image of Una Nedeljov next to the phrase. At one million Instagram followers and counting, her résumé is becoming more and more impressive by the day. I sat down with her for a One West Magazine exclusive last month, and the response we garnered was so overwhelming that we decided to do it again for The Hype Network.

Here’s our conversation, transcribed for your viewing pleasure…

Hey Una, how’re you doing today?

Hi Ace! I’m awesome, how about you?

I’m doing well, thanks for asking! What area of L.A. are you coming from? Is it hot over there?

West Hollywood. It’s probably hot for others, but—unless it’s like 88 degrees—to me it’s cold! (laughs)

That’s cool, it’s probably that Eastern European blood in you. So, what’s your favorite place to shoot at, locally?

Hmm… probably Malibu. I guess it’s not that local (laughs) but it’s beautiful.

Awesome. Now, I also want to thank you for that initial interview we did. I think it went over really well. How did you like it?

You’re awesome, Ace! I was literally just reading it and hearing it back again in my head. You got the energy on-paper perfect.

Wow, thanks for saying that. It’s good to know. I had a ton of positive responses. Old “friends” from deep in my past were hitting me up, amazed that I had a supermodel following me on Instagram (chuckle). So, I appreciate that as well. That’s actually something I wanted to ask you about: What’s your protocol when it comes to interacting with people on IG?

In DMs… minimal; unless I happen to know them and see it—that’s the key (laughs). As far as comments, I really do my best to reply as often as I can to all of my supporters because it really means so much to me to have their support and to have them ride along with me through my whole journey. I call them my “love bugs” (laughs); no reason in particular, I just think it’s cute. I don’t always get to [respond to] everyone, but I try my best to engage with comments that stick out.

Does it ever get weird, being in the public eye?

Right now, I’m kind of used to it; I just adjusted. At first, it was a little bit weird. Like, seeing fans in public, or, sometimes people would see me and never say anything to me—but then they would DM me or comment and ask if they can see me again for a pic… and stuff like that (laughs). But I always make it known that I’m really cool and down-to-earth. As long as it’s positive energy, I’m always super receptive to interact.

I won’t ask you about “the worst” because I can only imagine, but I’m sure people are wondering… What’s one of the strangest or funniest interactions you’ve ever had on social media?

Positive energy, I love it (laughs) Hmm… okay, well… One of them was this guy who kept messaging me and was, like, obsessing over me on social media for over a year. And then, once I ordered Uber eats—thank God I walked outside my building to get it (laughs)—and I had no idea it was him until after I went upstairs, he blew me up via DM and asked what part of the building I live in. Clearly, I ignored it. That got a little bit too creepy for me.

Wow, okay, let’s switch it up a bit now. So, one of the biggest questions I got last time was “How did you meet her?” I would be remiss not to mention Darnell Price, a.k.a. OG Cuicide of One West Magazine, who connected us in the first place. I guess my next question would be: How did you meet OG Cuicide?

Sabrina J, also known as @sassypublicist on IG! She connected us. She’s absolutely amazing to work with and a total sweetheart, all around. I knew right away that me and Darnell would get along and that we’d also do great business together ‘cause I trust both of their judgment.

Now, we all know you have ties in the hip-hop community as a burgeoning video vixen. Your videography is already impressive, but I was wondering: Who would be your dream artist to work within a music video?

Hmm… Great question! I am blessed to say that a lot of my dreams have been checked off in that department, but I have to say… one hip-hop artist that I have not worked with that I would love to would probably be Nicki Minaj. I love her work.

On a separate-but-similar note, do you have any celebrity crushes?

No celebrity crushes… but I know a few other people’s that crush on me… (smirks) JKJK… (laughs) kinda… (winks & laughs some more)

What kind of person would you say is “your type”? Or do you even have one?

A gentleman. But, also, a manly man. I guess I like a balance (laughs)… I like all my doors opened and chairs pulled out, but if something needs to be fixed around the house, I would love to feel secure that he can handle it too. That’s sexy.

I know you’re single right now, but do you ever see yourself “settling down” or getting married in the future?

Of course! With the right one… He’d have to be special.

I also know, from our last interview, that you’re an ambitious business-woman with a business degree from Cal State Fullerton—my hometown, funnily enough. What kind of retirement goals have you set for yourself, if any?

My ultimate goal is to invest in real estate; or, in general, something that can provide me with residual income without me having to do hourly work. I guess you could say I like my life to be effortless (laughs)… “Effortless” is actually my favorite word.

Okay, that’s smart. And, lastly, do you have any business advice for models who are coming up in the industry?

Yes! Do not allow yourself to indulge in the fast money. Save; budget; invest in your future and stability! Of course, work hard to have play-time too—treat yourself to a shopping spree here-and-there—but, overall, that Chanel bag won’t be worth as much as a long-term investment in five years.

Those are some wonderful words of wisdom. Now, before I forget, where can Hype readers find you online?

On Instagram: @thenumerauna
On Snapchat, I’m #only1una
And on Twitter, it’s also @thenumerauna

By: Aaron C. Williams

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