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Published on June 4th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


IMPRINT Review | Jake Miller at Irving Plaza in New York

As the ever-changing world of pop music gets larger, Jake Miller continues to make his mark on the industry. With his latest EP release, Based On A True Story, Jake has hit the road for his Wait For You Tour. Upon arriving at Irving Plaza for the New York stop on the tour Jake was greeted by screaming fans who had camped outside the theatre the night before, fans that would nearly fill the entire auditorium. As fans of all ages and genders inched loser to the stage tension built with anticipation of Jakes arrival on stage. As the headlining performer Jake performed hits such as “Skinnydip” and “What if you fell in love” to which the crowd sang along to word for word making for a truly spectacular moment for all in attendance.

While Jake’s performance was more than amazing he was not alone that night. Jake was accompanied by two opening acts, the first being a band of triplets by the name Just Seconds Apart which the crowd received quite well. Along with Former Big Time Rusher Logan Henderson kicking off his solo career with number of successful performances through out the tour.


As Just Second Apart opened up the show all eyes seemed to be on the lead singer Ari. He is accompanied by his is sister Sela who rocked the drums as well as the crown all night and their brother Alex who came in on the keys. Just Seconds Apart performed several of their hits like “Good To Know” and “Unbelievable”.

As the Former Big Time Rusher Logan Henderson came to the stage, you can imagine the uproar of fans from his early nickelodeon days. Fans of all ages could heard screaming as he performed “End of the World” and  “Bite My Tongue”. He even brought everyone back in time by performing the crowd favorite “Big Time Rush” from his days with the group.

Overall this was a night to remember, a night for people of all ages and gender who are fans of pop music. Fans of old and young could be seen dancing and singing along to Jake  Miller, Logan Henderson and Just Seconds Apart and overall everyone seemed to have a good time that night.

Written By | Roderick Porter

Photo Credit: IMPRINT | Roderick Porter

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