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Interview: Dani Le Rose Shares New Video For Upbeat Pop Song ‘the Maze’

Growing up in a small town in Alberta, Canada, Dani spent her younger years studying various styles of dance and was classically trained in both voice and piano. Dani has spent as much time as possible in the recording studio developing on her sound, working with anyone and everyone she could to build on her connections to craft and mold into her unique sound and style. Her new single “The Maze” is an empowering, upbeat pop song with 80s synths and contemporary production stylings. The video is captivating, expertly choreographed, engrossing visual, showing off Dani’s personality in every frame. Today, we share the great new video for ‘THE MAZE’ and read the interview with Dani Le Rose below!

What makes ‘The Maze’ different from your past work?

It’s a lot more upbeat and fun.  The message is also a lot more positive then my previous songs.

Can you describe the concept behind the making of the video?

People doing something wild in a very conservation situation.  I used to go to church when I was a kid and I would think of jumping out of my chair and climbing all over people, dancing and screaming.  I love the idea of something out of the ordinary happening.  Lol

How would you describe your artistic evolution throughout your career?

Because I had a foundation of 90s, listened to Radiohead, Fiona Apple, Aaliyah, Boys to Men growing up; those artists were the ones who shaped me for more future.  As I’ve continued to grow I think I’ve just become a more amplified version of myself?

What’s been the biggest change in your life over the past year?

I realized that no one cares.  If you keep that in mind, you’ll always create art for the right reasons….

What song by another artist do you wish you had written?

You know you like it, Aluna George.  I’m obsessed with her voice and flow.

What else is coming up for you this year?

Releasing new music!

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