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Published on June 22nd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


“Light Culture” Podcast Explores the Cannabis Industry Through The Lens of Creative Pioneers Who Helped Build It

Vanessa “Marigold” Lavorato, the breakout star of Bong Appetit, speaks on the pioneering Cannabis-themed cooking show that has redefined munchies for the foodie generation.

Bong Appetit “It Girl” Vanessa Lavorato

Burb, a new cannabis retailer out of Vancouver, Canada has created a space on the digital airwaves where cannabis, clothing and culture intersect. Hosted by co-founder and co-publisher of Paper Magazine, their new podcast Light Culture explores the industry through the influential voices of today’s most impactful creatives.

As the cannabis industry is hitting hyper-drive due to looming legalization, the counter-culture that built the industry seems to still be in the shadows and their new podcast Light Culture seeks to drive it out from the old school origins of Fab 5 Freddy to this week’s episode with Bong Appetite host Vanessa Lavorato.

Lavorato who is the founder of one of the first luxury cannabis chocolate brands Marigold and host of Bong Appetite talks about having the legendary B Real on as a co-host this year and how the rise of females in the industry helped get her brand off the ground. “With cannabis, women want to support other women, for sure. I think that coming from this gray market, I always, to feel safe, sought out women.” Vanessa goes on to speak about the elevated voice women have brouhgt in the realm of education as well as a true understanding of high design and wellness that is giving the industry another perspective.

Fab 5 Freddy taks Grass is Greener, his Netflix directorial debut about cannabis criminalization that examines the complicated issue through the lens of music, art, and culture. Fab 5 Freddy shares never heard before stories about Snoop Dogg, Basquiat and his personal experience through the years with Cannabis.Recently, known rapper Killer Mike pointed out the importance of rap artists in really bringing cannabis to the forefront and should be recognized as the true activists in the industry who helped push it forward to what it is today. In the premiere episode, Fab 5 Freddy recalls the shift of the music industry and the heavy influence of hip hop and the role cannabis played in the prolific careers of legendary rappers and mainstream culture. He goes on to speak about his recent Netflix debut special “Grass is Greener”, a documentary that examines the history of cannabis culture from the New Orleans jazz scene in “Congo Square” to the Harlem Renaissance. Freddy delves deep into the roots of cannabis culture: from the time of “free love” to Reagan’s War on Drugs in the 80’s which has caused many of the social justice issues needing reform today espcially in the black community.

Highlights are his first hand flashbacks to stories of Jean-Michel Basquiat lighting up in planes with Larry Gagosian, his introduction to quality Cali cannabis with Glenn O’Brien, Chris Stein and Debbie Harry to directing Snoop Dogg’s first music video “What’s My Name”.

Other voices from Abdullah Saaed writer and actor of hit HBO series High Maintence and one of the first journalists to write a column about weed in Vice called “Weediquette” recalls his journey through the industry. While long time activist Steve DeAngelo who is now one of the most sought after investors with company ArcView talks about the militarization of the Emerald Triangle and the social justice initiatives that need to take place.

The Light Culture podcast hosted by David Hershkovits gives shine to these Light Leaders who have helped shaped our past and are blazing the way to our future, tune in every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month to catch the next forward thinkers of our time.

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