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Monet Weir & Aneesha Madhok On Their New Film “Bully High” & What’s Coming Up Otherwise

As of late many people within the film industry have been talking about the latest creation from director/writer Bill McAdams Jr. (Gallows Road, Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts), which looks to be one of 2019’s most ground-breaking films: Bully High. Set for release on November 25, 2019, this thought-provoking movie is set in a contemporary high school, which aims serve as a both a love letter and a scathing commentary about the serious issues facing all Americans in present day.

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with two of the film’s stars, Monet Weir and Aneesha Madhok, in June 2019. Within Bully High, Weir — daughter of Grateful Dead founder Bob Weir — portrays Amber Adams in what is poised to be her break-out role. Madhok, in her long-form film debut, portrays Maryam. On Instagram, Madhok is @AneeshaMadhok, while Weir can be followed via @Monet_Weir.

More on Bully High — including forthcoming information on its release — and director Bill McAdams Jr. can be found online on its official website, as posted at,

How would you describe Bully High to someone not yet familiar?

Aneesha Madhok: Bully High is about a Muslim girl in high school who gets bullied along with her homosexual best friend, but she stands up against violence and defeats it with love.

Monet Weir: Bully High is a movie that is targeting a number of issues that we, as a society, are dealing with today. Specifically issues that all have hate and discrimination of some sort at the root of them. I would say it’s geared towards younger adult generations, or for older adults to see the perspective of a younger person.

Had you worked with anyone from Bully High prior to making the film?

Aneesha Madhok: When I graduated from the University of Southern California in May 2018, I was cast in the play Infidel, where Bully High‘s director Bill McAdams Jr. saw me perform and cast me in the movie. The theater is where I first met Billy as he discovered me.

Monet Weir: I had not worked with any of my castmates prior to filming, but I loved my cast and definitely got close with a few of them.

Was there a highlight for you in Bully High?

Aneesha Madhok: The highlight for me in Bully High was that I didn’t speak to my own mother for 3 weeks because my character’s mother in the film was dead. Also, I had isolated myself to feel what it is like to be alone and have no friends, because in real life I’m a bubbly and social butterfly.

Monet Weir: The highlight for me, so far, would be working in Hermosa because it’s beautiful!

What is coming up for you in your career?

Aneesha Madhok: I am developing a coming of age film I co-wrote with my writing partner Ali Murtaza about an Indian-American ballerina, alongside hosting and performing in my own stand-up comedy show, The Monty Mad Hawk Show, every Sunday.

Monet Weir: Bully High is the main thing coming up for me in my career right now, besides that I’m focusing on acting classes while I’m finishing up my bachelors degree at Chapman University. Then I will move to L.A. next year and be able to focus on my acting career 100 percent of the time!

What was the last concert you went to?

Aneesha Madhok: The last concert I went to was Glass Animals when they performed at USC. It was super fun!

Monet Weir: The last concert I attended for fun was my father’s concert, Dead & Company at the Hollywood Bowl. Always great to see friends and family at shows and be back on tour life for a moment.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Aneesha Madhok: I want all kids out there to know that love is the only real thing in the world. Violence and bullying comes from lack of love, so practice compassion with yourself and one another and watch your lives change. Anger is simply a punishment we give ourselves for other people’s faults — forgive, forget and love.

Monet Weir: No last words from me!

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