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Published on June 15th, 2019 | by Hype Editorial


Motion Picture “Dead End” starring Vivica A. Fox – LSMG Inks Movie and Soundtrack Deal

The film is a story of a small town outside of Los Angeles where crystal meth is manufactured. A young couple struggles to get out of a life of drugs, crime, and violence. Their love, strength, and resilience are put to the ultimate test as this Dead-End town refuses to release the grip it has on their lives.

Both LSMG (Life Support Media Group) and the film’s director/producer, Al Shabazz, have recently signed an agreement regarding LSMG owning a stake in not only the movie itself but will soon be distributing the movie’s soundtrack through their music label via Ingrooves also known as Universal Music Group distribution, serving as one of the largest distribution platforms in the world.

Debuting on the soundtrack will be LSMG’s very own founders, Verse Spencer, pka Verse the Legend (Singer, lyricist, author and saxophone player) and Joe “Space Owl” Meyers (Composer of Matr1x music) popularly known as the music group Matr1x. At present, they’re aiming towards adding elements to the soundtrack via artists who can bring the essence of true Hip Hop back from its roots. Secured features range from acts such as Lil Nate Dogg, son of the legendary Nate Dogg, West Coast Rapper Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound, the legendary Big Pimpin Delemond , award-winning producer and artist Faided featuring the legendary Project Pat as well as East Coast rappers, Method Man (of Wu-Tang Clan) and Redman (of Def Squad) just to name a few. Furthermore, they are not opposed to opening the lane up for all genres. The line-up as it stands appears to already bring what poses to be not only a great album but a collector’s item as well.

On June 4, 2019, “Dead End” was released on digital platforms such as Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu available now to rent, own or stream. The production team is currently planning on a director’s cut debut, screenings, press runs and more and will be featuring the film on platforms such as Netflix and Hulu in the near future.

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