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Published on June 3rd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Omaha rapper T Bone Strongly Influenced by the Late Nipsey Hussle

With a rebel style of music and magnetic personality Omaha rapper T Bone is destined for success. He has been pursuing music now for over 13 years discovering his love of music thru free styling at a young age. Influences like Nas, Damien Marley, Public Enemy and Nipsey Hussle fueled his passion.

When asked who he feels the most influential artist in hip hop today is he replied without hesitation “Nipsey Hussle”. He respects the way he was about positive vibes and empowerment of the youth.

T Bone plans to continue that movement thru his own music. Focused and disciplined T Bone is a force to be reckoned with. His high energy performances and hypnotic lyrical content has garnered him many fans. He stated he loves to perform and interact with fans and potential fans, diverse crowds etc. it is an adrenaline rush that rapper explained.

He is currently working on numerous projects. Monumental Talent Agency has a collaboration with T Bone and Moo Moo Dragon titled ” We The People “. T Bone is currently pushing “Introduction” which is his single that breaks down his thoughts of modern day living and poverty.

Fans can expect him to be a household name in the future and hear his gospel on the adversity of black people around the world for decades. Continuing the victory of Nipsey Hussle who truly inspired him to start back speaking the message of UNITY.


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