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Published on June 3rd, 2019 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Ryan B.eezy – U Mad

Ryan Antwan Ballard who goes by the stage name Ryan B.eezy and “Its Beezy Baby” is a American rapper, songwriter, producer and engineer from Phoebe, Mississippi. At was at the young age of 12 when Ryan first knew then that music is his passion. Ryan at the age of 19 moved to Atlanta to pursue his musical destiny. He was then signed to indie label Jazz44, where he experienced medium success, then branched of to start his own label, HD Entertainment. The label just like Jazz44 had medium success but did have 1 hit song flourish entitled “Im Outta Here” which featured label mate Grip, and had Atlanta club market circulation. Then in 2016 Ryan B.eezy, standing alone with his management team and production team (DUMBKIDZ) beside him, began anew journey with the hit song “My Niggas”. The song did well with guest appearances by Kcamp and SyAri Da Kid, which was powered by the Fleet DJ’s. Ryan now going for round two with another banger “All I See Is Money” which is starting to travel in clubs and flourish on the internet. This time being powered again by Fleet DJ’s, and adding extra fuel with DJ MLK and DJ Knight the future is looking incredibly bright.

And now at it again, with his upcoming album release, “This Shit Bigger Than Nino Brown – Vol. 1”, slated for the end of July 2019, Ryan B.eezy, is making sure that his Hip Hop prowess is letting the industry know that he is here to stay!

Tell us about your upcoming EP that will be released at the end of July and what it means for you?…

This project carries a specific meaning…. It comes from not forgetting your team…that’s what makes it bigger than Nino. No one man or woman can’t do it on there on. Even in the movie itself, Nino stated it himself that it was bigger him. And the second part to that is the music. It’s big, and it’s only gonna get bigger with myself and future endeavors.

What are some other things, either personal or professional you would like our readers to know about you?

People always tell me I’m funny so I think I mite try a comedy stage one of these days considering that I love to talk and talk shit lol. Another thing is that I’m self taught in music as a producer and artist. I was able to watch those ahead of me do what i inspire to do. And like an anxious kid as soon as they finished I was at it.. Every mpc, Triton, motif, roland, dr-5 drum machine, fruity loops, protools, 2-track 4-track and 8-track recorders to digital recorders. I try and touch as much as I can.


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Twitter: @its_BeezyBaby

Instagram: @its_beezybaby

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