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Published on June 23rd, 2019 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Stephen Curry Brings His Brand Of Hoops To Japan

Golden State Warriors’ sharpshooter Stephen Curry is in Tokyo for the official start of the 2019 UA Basketball Asia Tour. This trip marks his third time to Tokyo and fifth tour of Asia with Under Armour. Stephen kicked off the tour by heading to the cultural and business heart of Japan where interest and dedication toward basketball among youth is growing. Stephen returned to Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin, an all-girls middle school and high school that he visited last summer with UA, leading a clinic with students.

The¬†students eagerly awaited his arrival and greeted him with personal notes on a classroom white board to welcome him back to campus, and¬†he returned the kind surprise with a hand-written note he left behind.¬†Stephen then¬†stepped out onto the court¬†to¬†coach both the¬†girls’ high school basketball team and some of the¬†brightest young¬†stars in Japan,¬†Hiroyuki Tominaga and Keijiro Mitani.

In a closed door session, Stephen walked the two Japan national basketball team players through drills and specific pointers on form and function on court. Both were lightly regarded when they were younger, and took inspiration from Stephen’s journey Рnow, that hard work has put them on the cusp of leading Japan into a new era of basketball. Stephen extended a special invite to Tominaga and Mitani to join him on-court the following day at his Underrated Tour powered by Rakuten Рa series of basketball camps for underrated youth players that made its first international stop at International Christian University in Tokyo.

Stephen wrapped up the on-court coaching session with a sit down to share some sage words of wisdom in the pursuit of greatness.


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