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Published on June 7th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


The Code Drops Enigmatic Video for ‘slowdancinginamerica’

With the growing importance of a presumptuous artistic persona in our society, The Code is very much an outlier who proves that the art and the artist can be two separate entities. By remaining anonymous, The Code forces their audience to focus on the music rather than the musician. At a time where pop music seems to be blending together, The Code defies traditional genres confines and conventions, creating music that’s genreless in it’s appeal, drawing on elements of pop, R&B and electronic production.

The Code has unveiled the music video for slowdancinginamerica, the standout single from their latest EP, Mercury. If there is one word that can delineate the whole premise of this video, that would be “harmony”. The word harmony not only describes the high quality of their sound design and production, but also establishes a bond between the audience and the artist that enables The Code to utilize their artistic identity as a platform to unite people of different genres and promote love and support. The fast-paced city life is juxtaposed with the concept of a slow dance in the video, which makes the viewers stop and think how we decide to focus on our differences rather than similarities all the time. The Code is uniting people who have been secluded by the divisive nature of genres with the new video for slowdancinginamerica.

Slowdancinginamerica was directed by Joseph B. Carlin (TRANSFIXION) who also directed The Code’s music video for moments. Carlin’s also previously worked with CADE, XYLØ and Computer Magic.

The Code has collaborated with the likes of Bryson Tiller, Miguel and G-Eazy amongst many other artists, and been on a U.S. tour with THEY and Sango. The Code started to make some sound with his song Gravity featuring G-Eazy, which has amassed 8 million streams. Earlier projects like their 2016 debut with Blue Electronica and the recent Paramount release gained recognition from Pigeons & Planes and The 405.

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