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6 Fun, CîROC-Approved, Summer-Friendly Recipes

Summers are for barbecues, outdoor get-togethers and hanging out by the pool. As relaxing as those sorts of hang-outs can be, keeping cool and refreshed is one of the most important things you can do. In the spirit of staying healthy and relaxed, on behalf of The Hype Magazine, I compiled 6 summer-friendly recipes from CîROC. And hopefully the popularity of the limited-edition CîROC Summer Watermelon spirit leads to the vodka becoming a year-round, internationally-available offering.

#1: CîROC Watermelon Refresh

– 2 oz. CîROC Summer Watermelon
– 4 oz. lemonade
– 2 oz. club soda

– Combine CîROC Summer Watermelon, lemonade and ice in a highball glass
– Stir until contents are well mixed
– Top with club soda
– Garnish with lemon wheel, mint or sliced watermelon

#2: CîROC Watermelon Up & Down

– 2 oz. CîROC Summer Watermelon
– 5 oz. lemon lime soda
– Splash of cranberry

– Combine CîROC Summer Watermelon and lemon lime soda in shaker with ice
– Shake well and strain into high ball glass
– Top with a splash of cranberry juice
– Garnish with a lime wheel

#3: CîROC Watermelon Refresh Pitcher

– 8 oz. CîROC Summer Watermelon
– 16 oz. lemonade
– 8 oz. club soda

– Combine CîROC Summer Watermelon, lemonade and ice in a pitcher
– Stir until contents are well mixed
– Top with club soda
-Garnish with lemon, wheel, mint or sliced watermelon

#4: CîROC Watermelon Frose

– 200ml CîROC Summer Watermelon
– 3 cups ice cubes
– ½ bottle pink Moscato (pink)
– 1 ½ tablespoons lime juice
– 625g watermelon flesh, seeds removed

– Puree Watermelon Flesh & freeze into cubes
– Blend frozen watermelon cubes, lime juice, vodka & pink Moscato
– Serve in empty watermelon & garnish with mint

Note: Expect 10 minutes of prep and about 4 hours of freezing time.

#5: Summer Watermelon Sparkle

– 25ml CîROC Summer Watermelon
– 10ml Cranberry
– Topped with champagne
– Optional: 5ml elderflower if desired

– Pour CîROC Watermelon and cranberry into a flute glass
– Top with champagne
– Garnish with a Watermelon skin twist

#6: Watermelon Le Twist

– 40ml CîROC Summer Watermelon
– 20ml Lemonade
– 40ml Soda
– 10ml Splash of Cranberry

– Pour the ingredients in a tall glass filled with cubed ice
– Garnish with a lime wheel, fresh watermelon wheel & sprig of fresh mint

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