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Alexander Lewis Unveils Eclectic Trombone-infused EP: Red

Alexander Lewis is an artist/producer who isn’t afraid to challenges norms, and today he’s unveiled his most impressive project to date – the 6-track Red EP – an eclectic project that combines hip-hop with the magnificent trombone trap that has thus far defined his career. Mixing elements of traditional hip-hop with orchestral trap, Lewis continues to prove that he isn’t afraid to take risks in the studio and the end result is perhaps his greatest work yet.

The EP features one of Lewis’ most hip-hop-oriented tracks to day, Win the War feat. B.Anderson, the first single prefacing the EP. The triumphant anthem pumps up listeners with an energy boost required to overcome any type of obstacle that pushes one back. Speaking of an energy boost, Energy feat. B.Anderson & William $ provides your new required daily dose of nonchalance and confidence, ultimately hyping up the listeners to feel invincible. But Red doesn’t only consist hip-hop The last song of the EP, Left U On Red feat. JNTHN STEIN, is a complex song that explores the intersection of orchestral instruments and trap elements. 

Lewis shared some insights into Red:

“Red EP was a way for me go beyond the typical “trap trombone banger” and a way for me to dig even deeper with live instrumentation and blend it with electronic music. Red (being part 1 of a color series of EPs) is just another part of my musical influences and a way for me to showcase more depth in my music, not only as a producer but a composer and arranger. I wanted to give the listener a glimpse of what’s to come with mixing trap and more live instrumentation and foreshadow something I’ve always dreamed about doing; performing live with a full orchestra.”

Outside his own artist work, Lewis also received production credits on Juice WRLD’s recent song Big and has produced for several other established artists like Rita Ora, Normani, Juicy J and The Underachievers

Stream the ‘Red EP’ below:

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