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Andy “The CRasian” Nguyen Female MMA FIghter

How did you get to be a MMA fighter? This ought to be an interesting story….

Well, South Carolina legalized MMA 9-10 years ago. I went to my first sold out event in Myrtle Beach SC. I was hooked once I saw females came out to fight. I thought it was only for men.

Where are you from?

I was born in Hollywood, CA. Lived in Los Angeles til age 13. Mother moved us to Greenville, SC because it was rough in LA.

My notes say that you are a RIZIN champion in Japan. For all of us who do not know please explain what that is or means.

I’m a former 3x Atomweight Champion from King Of The Cage. I’ve won Walk Out of The Year on ESPN. I’ve competed in RIZIN & I love Japanese MMA!

Your career has really taken an upward swing in 2019, with CBS Sports, Lion’s Gate, etc. Can you explain all that and how it all came together and fits together?

Lion Fights is Muay Thai ONLY. No ground. I wanted to change things up… why not? Lol

I bet that you paid a lot of dues “coming up”. Tell us about the dues you paid, the struggle.

People always underestimate me. I guess because I look feminine & that I’ve won ring girl competitions also. Lol.

You seem a strange bedfellow for Women Empowerment. You kick other women’s asses for a living LOL . . . in your mind, how does beating up other women coincide with women empowerment?

It’s a sport. It keeps me in shape. I get to meet people all over the world & get to do what I love.

I bet you experience sexual harassment a lot, or your contacts do, how prevalent is that and can you speak on that?

No comment. Lol. I just block em.

When we first talked, you told me how many women fighters/female MMA fighters had experienced domestic violence before becoming MMA fighters, can you elaborate and/or share some stories and specifics?

My bestie was a victim. I cannot speak on her behalf.

Is there a man in your life?

Yes, Kolton Pratt.

You seem to be a leader in your circles. Why do you think that is?

I wouldn’t consider myself a leader, but I do lead by example & it’s tough to keep your hands clean. Lol

What is your motto or mantra in life? And why?

Love hard & Play hard. Nothing last forever.

Andy Nguyen: [email protected]

Interviewed By: Lowell Beasley

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