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Published on July 4th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Darrell Kelley Releases Official Music Video for Latest Viral Single “I’m So High”

Darrell Kelley releases official music video for latest viral single “I’m So High”

R&B-Hip-Hop artist Darrell Kelley’s latest release, a single entitled “I’m So High”, goes viral, amassing tens of thousands of plays on most major digital platforms, and sustains the momentum created by his previous drops, his single “Beautiful”, and his music video “Get Wild”. The R&B artist holds the power to inspire and feed the souls that come in contact with his music with pure feelings of love.

In his music, Darrell Kelley focuses on reminding us of humanity’s most essential quests, inviting us to see what we share despite our differences and unique life paths. He believes one can find a way of living that feels free and authentic through spirituality and love, allowing us to live unafraid while spreading positivity and helping make the world a better place.

Kelley’s latest release is as fantastical and hopeful as its opening implies, a fluid melodic build-up that spotlight his cosmic voice and soulful message. Showing how his art is a non-negotiable part of himself, Darrell Kelley shares his ability to create spaces to dream and stretch in “I’m So High”, and humbly but surely continues his winning streak in the Hip-Hop/R&B music scene. He created such a fully realized song with a dreamlike feel that no doubt about it, Kelley’s latest major piece will break through the noise.

Darrell Kelley recently released new music including a full album – “Here Ends The Lesson”, a music video for his single “Get Wild”, and a single he entitled “Beautiful”. The energetic yet strikingly wise Hip-Hop artist surprises with these drops, and confirms the immense musical talent he’s been polishing for years. He inspires listeners as much as he himself is inspired, finding his drive in spiritual and introspective realms, something most of us can only dream of. That’s why he’s here, and for those who love deeply moving music with a message, you’ll be amazingly surprised at the restless and ever-flowing stream of emotions spreading beautiful energies wherever they play. Enjoy!

“Here Ends the Lesson”, like “Unity”, shares his philosophies of love, acceptance, respect, and of course unity, which he detailed in his “The Book of UWGEAM”. The book that spawned a new religion Kelley calls UWGEAM. UWGEAM is an acronym used to summarize his belief in the God of the universe, God of the world, God of all gods, God of everything, and God of anything including one’s self. Beliefs he not only shared with millions of viewers on his programs broadcast on The NOW Network, but also as a guest on various ABC, CBS and NBC television networks. The title, “Here Ends the Lesson” is not only intended to reflect these ideas, but is a subtle clue to his fans on where he plans to go with the music and concepts on a yet unnamed third album dropping later in the year.

A North American radio and press campaign has already been launched to promote “Here Ends the Lesson”. The album name is also the last song of nine tracks on his compilation which hints of a move from a non-secular focus to a more secular direction for the artist. Mainstream R&B and Gospel radio stations have already been serviced with “Tell Jesus on You”, which is also a featured track on this full length release. Additional personal appearances will be announced in upcoming weeks. Darrell Kelley’s press kit will be provided upon request to all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below. He is presently available for interviews and/or appearances. Additional news, updates and other information about upcoming events may also be found at: www.facebook.com/darrellkelleysmusic

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