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Published on July 1st, 2019 | by Hype Editorial


Eileen Carey Talks Sense in a World Distracted by Technology in New Single ‘Meet Me Halfway’

Eileen Carey Talks Sense in a World Distracted by Technology in New Single Meet Me Halfway (Announces August 2019 Dates at the OC Fair and The Rose in Pasadena, CA), Music Video Drops, July 8th.

In a long line of radio hits, “That Town, Faith, Good Bad Girl, In the Air,” “Bottle Your Crazy Up and “Bring on the big,” Eileen Carey’s last single Anything That Reminds Me of You reached the top rung on the New Music Weekly’s Radio Charts earlier this spring, earning Eileen Carey a near permanent residence on their radio charts, and the title of AC/Hot AC Breakthrough Artist of 2019, a complete musical circle for the actress turned singer-songwriter.

“It is always special,” says Carey, “I never get tired of it. I just count my blessings, put my head down and go forward,” laughs the singer. “I try to maintain balance in my life, but of course it is wonderful to know my music resonates with people.” Seems that to know Eileen is to love Eileen, her upcoming date opening for The Grass Roots at The Canyon at the Rose this coming August, is her 8th appearance in that top rung dinner concert venue in the San Gabriel Valley, California. And last July Eileen blew away a rock heavy audience at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood scoring this reviewer’s comment, The crowd was hooked from the moment Hearts of Time kicked off the night. Carey’s sassy yet humble stage demeanor gave off Gretchen Wilson meets Miranda Lambert vibes, which clearly appealed to the crowd, which engaged in hand clapping, line dancing and singing along. From “Bottle Your Crazy Up to “Lazy” to her rousing send-off, “FaithHeather Allen, Music Connection  

A kick-boxing Indie Country-Pop star that writes one of the coolest music blogs in the business TheMusicMom.com, Ohio native, who’s long lived in Southern California, Carey has developed a reputation for singing songs that strip the human experience to its essentials.  The lyrics she chooses display a particular genius for zeroing in on moments that give life its tension and flavor—whether it’s via her romantic fantasy In the Air, her sadder-but-wiser Let It Go or her sisterly advice to an out-of-control friend, Bottle Your Crazy Up.

Eileen Carey’s songs offer clear solutions to many of the headaches romance creates with a plea for self-esteem. She generally aims her lyrics at women, but is quick to mention that the same advice would be good for men as well.

The just released new single, already making noise in the UK, Meet Me Halfway  is a cry from the heart, co-written by Eileen Carey, Travis Allen, Bjorn Charles Dreyer, Odd Harald Jensen is a song “whose images are as current as today’s headlines but whose sentiments are as old and wise as love itself. ”At first, we seem to have it all–Paradise in our smart phones:  “Isn’t it great–technology perks?   You press a button and everything works.” Ultimately, though, these satisfactions are illusory and short-lived compared to the fulfillment of engaging in real life: “What’s more important than what’s in front of you? Life’s passing you by and you never knew.  Meet me halfway.”

Meet Me Halfway on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/3JeLpiMdhxewfjPdCOvCa8


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