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Published on July 16th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


ISO Skin Care: 7 Day Self-Care|Skin Challenge Prepared to Change Your Skin

 ISO Skin Care is a skincare company that merges great skin and self-care to its full capacity. Providing 100% natural ingredients, ISO Skin Care is ready to cater to all clientele that is ready to give their skin-care routine the gentle attention it deserves after facing the world daily through clogged pores, acne prone skin, dry and oily skin and all other issues in-between! 

Dealing with mild acne herself, founder Aniqah Iman tried everything imaginable. Proactive, retinoid creams, benzoyl peroxide solutions, antibiotics, African black soap, and witch hazel were no feat for Aniqah’s acne. Meeting at a crossroads with her biggest breakout yet through stressful times, founder Aniqah decided that it was time to give in to God’s will and follow her path of purpose. 

“In July 2017, as part of my spiritual journey, I prayed to God to reveal my purpose. I promised if my purpose was revealed I would go after it full speed and never look back. Soon after, I got an idea to research essential oils for acne. I used my background in biology to understand the root cause of acne and how each ingredient was beneficial to the skin on a molecular level. I began formulating products (using my self-taught knowledge to create recipes) and after much tweaking and testing (on myself) my skin cleared up, and ISO Skincare was born.” 

ISO Skincare is a health and lifestyle beauty brand; not only providing all natural skin products, but also provide lifestyle tips to provide customers with affirmations and meditation times through ISO Skincare’s proclaimed ‘7-Day Self Care| Skin Care Challenge’. ISO Skincare’s’ 7 day challenges incorporates practices to relieve stress and practicing self-love. This program also provides designated times to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your face; syncing with your skin’s biological clock to ensure maximizing results. 

Searching for an all-natural skincare line can be tough; especially if you’re looking for a brand that carries all-active raw, potent and pure ingredients. Carrying cleansers, exfoliates, toners, serums, moisturizers and clay masks; clientele will have no problem with finding their perfect combination of self-care products that ISO Skincare has to offer. ISO Skincare is equipped to clear up your trouble areas and enhance your inner beauty, creating a great self-care oasis that all deserve. 

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