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Published on July 8th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Jāmin Shares Self-Titled Debut EP

New York City-based producer and songwriter, Jāmin (pronounced Jaymin), shares his self-titled debut EP. The Jāmin EP is a collection of songs for our times, engineered to the producer’s own eclectic beat influenced. He explains, “Sonically I explore a mix of various styles in one cohesive pallet/vibe.” Jāmin creates songs that communicate the emotional human experiences which unite us and that bring some light to important issues right now, like community leadership and the problems caused by economic disparity. 

The EP features Jāmin’s recent single, “Say It Again”; a collaboration with best-selling author Taiye Selasie and featuring vocals from Nomadic. Warm low end, ghostly backing vocals and flickering hi-hats back the lyrical exploration of a relationship with a connection so strong it keeps you, even when your mind tells you to go. Jāmin elaborates on the process; “We wrote this with our friend, Taiye Selasi, when I had ishlab studio in Brooklyn. She wrote the lyrics to Nomadic’s melodies in record time,  I think it took her 30 minutes. The gift of a melody maker with the gift of a wordsmith.” Jamin’s musical palette further includes the dark pop sounds on display on the “stunning” Do You Remember?”, and the sub-bass flavored groove of “Over and Over”, with its colorful visual accompaniment. 


Throughout Jamin’s productions you can hear the sound of an R&B groove bouncing with an Afro/Caribbean rhythm, body-rolling to a hip-hop flow floating over an electronic bed and you might find Jāmin at the fader. The rare open format international DJ who produces, writes, plays, engineers and sings. Jāmin has made a career making and playing music without borders, working independently, and collaborating with artists across genres and cultures. Since releasing his first single at 18 (the social commentary “Fuck Giuliani”, co-produced by Girls Against Boys bassist Johnny Temple), Jāmin became the first DJ accepted onto NYU’s Steinhardt School, and founded the Brooklyn recording studio Ishlab. This DUMBO-based studio operated as an affordable, vibe-filled studio in the face of rising NYC rent costs and hosted sessions for a seriously diverse array of artists, including; A$AP Rocky, Santigold and Jet.

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