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Published on July 11th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


#JusticeForRocky Petition Demands that A$AP Rocky be released from Swedish Jail

The entertainment world is abuzz following the arrest and detention of GRAMMY Award-winner A$AP Rocky in Stockholm Sweden after a clash with a group of men who were following and harassing him and his team as they walked the streets of Stockholm Sweden. Video footage supports Rocky’s claims that the assailants were following and even impeding their progress as they attempted to distance themselves from the men to no avail. Before the final clash, Rocky can be seen in the video pleading with one of the men stating “We don’t want to fight you guys…” and asking them to “…leave us alone” but his pleas apparently fell on deaf ears and the men continued to assault him and his crew. Finally, after seemingly being left no choice an altercation ensued for which Swedish officials are charging Rocky as the villain instead of the actual victim as the video indicates.

The fallout from this incident and Rocky’s subsequent arrest has led to a petition being started by his management on the social justice site and according to information provided to The Hype Magazine by the organization, it is one of the fastest-growing petitions in history.

Check the official data shared with us by

Grammy award-winning rapper A$AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden on charges of aggravated assault stemming from an incident between his crew and two men. In response, Rocky’s management launched the #JusticeForRocky campaign on – within hours it passed 250,000 signatures and has grown to over 500,000 in just two days.

To prove just how quickly this petition is growing, the Change.Org analytics team ran the numbers:

  • Of petitions created in the U.S. in 2019, #JusticeForRocky is the 2nd fastest to reach 250k signatures
  • Of petitions created globally in 2019, #JusticeForRocky is the 3rd fastest to reach 250k signatures
  • 10th fastest to 250k signatures globally, all time
  • Reached 250k signatures in 12 hours

Celebrities and brands have come out in force to share the petition including:

Live signature count and signer comments can be found at

Hopefully, after viewing the video, our US Consular staff can intercede on Rocky and his team’s behalf and secure their freedom considering the allegations of inhumane conditions in regards to even basic bodily functions and life sustaining nourishment being withheld at the detention cener in which they are held.


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