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MomPower is Showing Mothers How to Balance Their Work & Family Life

Since the beginning of time, moms have been expected to be the thinkers, the doers, the decisions makers, the peacemakers, the counselors, and everything in between when it comes to both their professional and personal lives. But often times moms are left feeling that they are in a constant tug-o-war with themselves, their family, and their career. But the truth is that with the right support, a mom can handle it all gracefully. Moms are powerful.

Having a personal understanding of just how resilient mothers really are, Gwendolyn Bennett, a Miami-based serial entrepreneur and single mother of two beautiful children, created MPower, short for MomPower, as a support system for women who are “doing it all” and need a little extra love, assistant, support, and mental peace. Her kickoff event “The Balancing Act: Your Way to Success” empowerment luncheon, which took place this past spring, provided a packed ballroom full of women at the Biltmore Hotel Miami Coral Gables with the necessary tools to build the well-rounded life of their dreams. The goal, which was definitely reached, was to motivate these mompreneurs to raise their bars while elevating the height of their ambitions.

“Being a mother and an entrepreneur is hard,” says founder Gwendolyn Bennett. “To win and stay motivated while on your path, it’s pretty much a necessity to surround yourself with like minded individuals that will pull you up when they see that you are beginning to drown. We want every mom that we meet to understand just how powerful they are. We want these mothers to understand that it is okay to win in business as long as they understand the dynamics of balancing work, family, relationships, and most importantly me time.”

MPower is all about helping to change the lives of women, one mother at a time. Follow @mompower_305 on Instagram for upcoming events.



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