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Published on July 1st, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


New Von Video ‘Floatin’ Produced By Rhythm D

Up and coming southern rapper, Von has a new video out today – a summer ode to weed entitled ‘Floatin’ available on all digital platforms. The track is another collaboration between Von and legendary producer Rhythm D, best known for his previous work with NWA founding member Eazy-E.  Von’s sound meshes his deep south upbringing with the laid-back vibe of Cali hip hop blending the new, OG west coast sounds with Trap Hop. Early supporters include BET and Music Choice with Von’s last video ‘Who is He’ featured on BET Jams ‘Fresh Faces’  and Music Choice’s Hip Hop Channel.  ‘Who is He’ also saw a lot of love in Von’s adopted home of Atlanta on E.T. Cali’s mixshow Galaxy Life on iHeartRadio 96.7 FM.

Rhythm D talks about the inspiration behind the new single, the relationship of weed and hip hop and his own personal history with both: “Marijuana has been at the forefront of the music culture since the 60’s and 70’s and started getting more exploited in the early 90’s with the rise of Gangster Rap. I figured due to the fact that I was the first producer to blow smoke out in the beginning of the video “Real Muthaphukkin’ G’s “ by Eazy-E, I felt it was time to make a beat that gives the user a since of euphoria when listening. Once I finished the beat, I gave it to Von and he knew just where to take it lyrically, hence the creation of ‘Floatin’, sort of a user’s guide to Von’s personal smoking experience.”

Von on working with Rhythm D and the creative process for ‘Floatin’: “The song Floatin’ is sensational to the ears just as much as marijuana is pleasurable to the mind and body. The beat by Rhythm D instantly puts you in a trance to take my lyrics to another atmosphere, which will have you mesmerized and Floatin High!!”

Von (né VonDrake Shiquell Guillory) was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and it was the laid back Cali style that really formed his music taste and made him want to get in the game. “Baton Rouge is a tough place to grow up — trouble can come from any direction because of the mentality of the people in the city, it’s gangsta and ambitious! I always had this different persona from my surroundings, even though I was born and raised in Louisiana, my musical influences were mostly west coast rappers like, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eazy E, just to name a few.”  Von started to think about a career in rap seriously when he got to high school and started entering rap battles.

It was a chance meeting that had Von crossing paths with legendary hip hop producer Rhythm D, who has an impressive list of credits to his name, including working with Death Row Records, Ruthless Records and one of their marquee artists Eazy-E of NWA fame. “I met Von while he and Javis, a.k.a. Sativa Beats, were using my studio in Atlanta. I used to walk by the room and hear him recording, so one evening I decided to go in and listen to one of his songs. Javis said “Check out the single we’re about to drop in a few days. I listened and thought to myself, this needs to be mixed better. So, I suggested mixing it myself.”

A working partnership was born. “The beat was dope but Von’s lyrics seemed to be lackadaisical. I offered to assist in production and was pleasantly surprised that Von was actually doper than he had portrayed on the previous song. He is a hybrid artist, which means he can adjust to whatever beats come his way as long as he is produced correctly. Most artists are like pro-athletes, they need a coach to sit them on the bench when they aren’t at full potential in performance, and praise them when they do great. That’s what I bring to the table as a musician and producer. I’m Phil Jackson in the studio.”

Von has aspirations to break out in 2019: “I have a rich appetite for what I do, and have so many plans involving the music, the community, and bringing awareness that staying true to self, originality, loyalty, respect, action and consistency is the key.”

Von plans to release a series of singles this year leading into his debut EP expected Summer 2019.


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