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Published on July 6th, 2019 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Nikki Alva; The Next Selena?

Nikki Alva is living the American Dream, or Latino American dream. At just 17, though she looks and sounds older, this stunning electric Latina is being hailed as the next Selena. Of course, there will never be another Selena, and that was then, and this is now…but just as Selena captured the world by storm with her infectious sound, so is Nikki Alva doing so in the modern time way.


Selena was backed by her family onstage. When I first saw Nikki Alva on video, she was sensory numbing with a huge 13 piece orchestra, a brass section that rivals anyone in the top tier of music, dazzling sound & lights and a confident, playful, totally infectious and intoxicating stage presence and confidence that is musical caffeine. Not just caffeine, this girl is Red Bull. How did she come out of nowhere with all this, this fast, numbing senses and getting even the non-Spanish speakers hooked ? Like Selena, family.

Like Selena was backed onstage by her family, Nikki is backed by her dad’s orchestra.

Oh..THAT is how she got ALL this so fast.

Most up and coming singers of ANY genre perform for years, or even decades, only dreaming they could one day experience this, being backed by a totally rocking polished band / orchestra, complete with brass, totally synchronizing their every move, word and beat , to you, at your command. And Nikki Alva HAS it like that.
Just like that.

It’s as if God Himself opened the clouds to ordain her the hottest new act to hit Latin music in 40 years. So He stacked the deck giving her the “purest” voice since Selena, a maestro in a dad, whose ” live”band puts the iconic rock band, Chicago, to shame, with their polish, timing and dazzle .

Halfway through her song, as she is singing, and moving to the music on stage, she shouts out her signature line, ” do you know who I am?”, and the band yells back in unison, ” NIKKI ALVA!”. Nikki affirms her head with a ” damn right” nod and a smile of confidence and responds ” That’s right! One more time !” ” NIKKI ALVA!”, with an ease that says she knows who she is, is glad she is Nikki Alva, and knows she’s blessed!


That’s the word. She acts and performs like she is already an icon. She has the onstage confidence of a Jennifer Lopez or Selena. Her and the band meld and move as one, like they have been touring 30 years together, yet she is only 17. If she is this good at 17, what will she be at 27?

I do not understand ONE damn thing she is saying, but I am dancing, hands above my head partying with her ( and I can’t dance either.) I do not understand ONE word she is saying, but I sure like the way she is saying it!

And that is the key to GENIUS in music.

Music is meant to surpass all cultural and language barriers, and move your soul in a way nothing else can.

I never have never before been a salsa fan. ( Nikki says this is salsa.) I do not speak Spanish. Yet her energy, her passion, her fun, her smile, reached down in my soul and addicted me. That is right. Addicted me. As I said, I have never been a ” salsa fan”, but if what Nikki Alva does is ” salsa”, then ” sign me up, Scotty”, and pass the chips and salsa! ( Wait! Is that the same thing?)

She says she starting singing at 2 1/2 years old, and it shows. I’ll bet when she was born, she was 10 minutes late for rehearsal.

She may well be much bigger than Selena , in time, as Selena was tragically cut off way before her time. Right at the crux of global discovery . Back then, Latin was a minority. Now, its damn near the majority in the United States and quickly heading that way with many major cities like Las Vegas already eclipsing 40% Latin population.

In 2010, the U. S. Census Bureau predicted that by 2019, the USA would be 60% Latin, and they haven’t missed it except by a year or two.

Nikki Alva is putting in her reservation now to win that 60% and be the Princesa de Musica, the biggest Latin act in America. She is beautiful, wholesome, infectious, intoxicating and sings her ass off. And even better, she is humble. That is what really catches you off-guard. She is very transparent, approachable, likeable and down-to-earth. You can tell onstage she is the same way off stage. Genuine.
Haters have their work cut out for them, as it is hard to find anything to dislike in her.

Life is so unfair. I want to be Nikki Alva.

Born to perfect parents if you want to be an icon, Nikki is managed by her mom, Yami Alva, who has done a flawless job in every way so far, making every right move to create an icon. And being born to a musical genius band-leader, orchestra leader, like her dad, Jay Franco, just stacks the deck so unfairly in her favor, I mean, really?…how could she not be an icon? Her dad is Jay Franco of the Jay Franco Orchestra . I had never heard of him before, but I will never forget him now. If he is the musical Svengali behind Nikki Alva, this maestro is a genius, and I am in awe.

( Pictured above; Yami Alva, Nikki Alva, Jay Franco, Cathalina Alva

Nikki Alva seems to have it all, including an equally beautiful sister, Cathalina, 25 ( in family pic on far right) who is her biggest supporter as well . Cathalina, also mega-talented travels with and supports Nikki, et al. Sometimes lightning strikes twice
Experience Nikki Alva’s ” live” videos on You Tube. Seeing is believing.

She has more offers than we have time to list, so suffice it to say, its good to be Nikki Alva.

She was just named the banner tour artist of the #WE movement, who is partnered with The Hype Magazine, the largest online magazine. They, #WE, are so enamored with her, they are slapping her upfront on everything; both personally touting Nikki as the ultimate role model and example of the nation’s largest women empowerment campaign, and musically. Musically, #WE is headlining her with every artist of every genre of music, believing Niikki Alva will win over everybody.

That is a safe bet. Think I am a fan?
Check her out.
You will be too.
She is as likeable as tacos and Margaritas, and as addictive as ice cream.

Hail, the era of #NikkiAlva begins!

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