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Published on July 3rd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Tco Riaz Creates “Trap Reggae” With New Single “Killas” out July 12th

NY-based artist Tco Riaz fuses together the sounds of Reggae and Hip-Hop in his new summer single “Killas”, which will drop July 12th. Written, produced, and composed by Tco himself, “Killas” is a smooth record that found its way through experimenting. Soon Tco created a “Trap Reggae” beat and penned the rhythmic lyrics. The story follows a gang of marauders (Killas) riding into an unknown town to cause trouble, but they are defeated by the local vigilantes (Shotas) – metaphors for overcoming fears & breaking through obstacles in life.

On the inspiration for “Killas”, Tco says, “Killas started literally as a demonstration of me showing my cousin how to make a beat which turned into this dope ‘Trap Reggae’ beat with no lyrics. The instrumental sounded really dark which gave me the concept of a battle but still didn’t have anything concrete. A later day I kept listening to the beat religiously and out of the blue, I thought back to some opening words of an essay my father wrote at his days in primary school about the old west which was ‘Bang! Bang!’”

Guyanese, Jamaican artist Tco Riaz has created a name for himself in music with multiple releases. In 2005, Tco released his first musical project, Casually Done. The mixtape was hosted by DJ Envy and consisted of 12 tracks that fused together R&B with different decades of hip-hop beats. After the release of Casually Done, Tco linked up with Freeport, NY rap duo Front Page which spawn the collaborative mixtape Pifftown

After working alongside and collaborating with multiple artists, Tco Riaz began to focus on his solo career. He produced, wrote and composed his first solo single “This Is” featuring Queens rapper WIZE. “This Is” was later featured on Hot97 DJ Envy’s “The People’s Choice Hit List” in March 2008 for 2 weeks in a row. In 2009, Tco Riaz and Queens rapper Yung Hollywood released their collaborative album Lights, Camera, Action and later that year collaborated on Tco’s single “Scandalous”.

Since then, Tco Riaz has released several records including his (T)he(C)asual(O)ne and Wild. In 2014, Tco took a hiatus to focus on reinventing his artistry and work on his 2017 album Bass, Horns and Harmony, a project that fused together Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rock & Roll with a little bit of Folk & Reggae to create this interesting catalog.

Currently, Tco Riaz has transformed his music to include more Carribean styles, infusing Reggae, Afrobeat, Hip-Hop and some Calypso. The transition in styles has lead Tco Riaz to stand out and his new single “Killas” will debut on July 12th. Be sure to follow Tco Riaz on Social Media to stay up-to-date on all summer releases.

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