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Chicago Ideas Announces Full Lineup for Annual Festival

In anticipation of their ninth annual festival, Chicago Ideas announced their full lineup of speakers and sessions for the October 12-17, 2019 festival. Tickets for the general public for the ninth annual week-long festival go on sale September 10.

With more than 100 thought leaders and way-makers taking the stage, Chicago Ideas will kick off another incredible week for the first time ever on a Saturday night exploring the question “Is Chicago a State of Mind?” featuring globally-recognized artists, performers and culture creators.

The full lineup can be found here, and these are just a few quick highlights:

  • Pete Holmes, comedian, creator and star of HBO Crashing alongside iconic musician Liz Phair, BuzzFeed’s Saeed Jones and more
    Session Theme: Life’s Big Questions
    Pondering the unknown is an innate part of the human condition, from wondering what you’ll be when you grow up to analyzing large-scale questions that have initiated humanity’s greatest progress.
  • Yusef Salaam, exonerated after wrongful conviction in the 1989 Central Park jogger case alongside individuals like Jason Rosenthal, widow of the late Amy Krouse Rosenthal
    Session Theme: Resilience
    You’ll hear stories of tenacity, courage, fear and strength that will challenge you to push through your own limitations, self-doubt, and momentary failures to unlock your inner champion.
  • Joe Lockhart, Former White House Press Secretary under President Bill Clinton
    Session Theme: The Evolution of Covering the White House
    To cover the White House is to work in a near constant state of flux. But the past few years have seen unprecedented changes. Joe Lockhart, the press secretary under President Clinton, will discuss how the job of covering The People’s House has evolved—for better and for worse.
  • Jessica Lange, American actress recently of Mommy Dearest and American Horror Story
    Will be speaking in a special engagement at the MCA in celebration of her new book
  • Activist DeRay McKesson
    The importance of using his digital platform to draw awareness to civil rights.


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