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Published on August 26th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Crypto Boxers, the First Block Chain Backed Fantasy Video Game, Enters the Ring in October with Game Launch

Crypto Boxers, the first blockchain back fantasy video game, is finally ready to enter the ring. Game creator, Andrew Gilliam, and CEO of Me N Mines Media, has announced October 1, 2019 for the highly anticipated coin exchange to be released! Offering crypto tokens issued by boxing professionals, Crypto Boxers will feature real-life boxers as collectible tokens for the virtual fighting action on Ethereum.  More than just a game however, Crypto Boxers is a diversifying element that will transform the boxing and gaming markets.

Tommy Morrison, the heavyweight known for his amazing left hook, is Crypto Boxers’ punch from the past. Current cruiserweight contender Yahu Blackwell joins professional boxers Joel Casamayor, Francesco Pianta, Franchon Crews, John Amzuzu, and Albert Bell as part of Crypto Boxer lineup.  Super Welterweight Jimmy “Quiet Storm” Williams was just featured on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Keith Thurman fight undercard wearing Crypto Boxers game gear.   Acclaimed ring announcer Mark Fratto will be the voice throughout the matches in the game and famous crypto socialite Trevon James has also signed on to be the first Crypto Boxers Ambassador, satisfying both crypto and gamer lovers.

Creating a new revenue stream was always Gilliam’s plan when he first envisioned the game. Upon joining forces with the Fight Tyme Agency, Gilliam was able to propel the vision even further along.

Andrew Gilliam, Crypto Boxer creator, CEO of Me N Mines Media

“Thanks to our partnership with Fight Tyme, we are pioneering new inroads as we bring boxing and cryptocurrency together!” cites Gilliam. “People are telling me they are proud of me for building this from scratch and when I step back and look at it from the outside in, I can see why people feel the way that they do. As the first Black male making noise in this industry, it wasn’t easy getting here. We’re still in the building phase. I’m focused on finishing strong and I hope everyone is as proud of the product as my team and I are.”

Crypto Boxers is committed to growing and expanding within the crypto space as well as helping boxers affiliated with the game. Their partnership with Sportamix will work to help educate athletes about cryptocurrency as well as grow their revenue and broaden their fanbase.

Crypto Boxer is also mobile via the Crypto Boxer Mobile Theme weblink which makes for easy access and allows game sign up, game gear purchase, upcoming event postings and more.

Stay connected to Crypto Boxers at and on  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram.

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