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Published on August 15th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Flimsey Lohan Releases ‘Good at Nothing Kids’

Melbourne’s one of a kind Jazz-Hip Hop quartet Flimsey Lohan is back in the Australian music scene to deliver their second offering for 2019 ‘Good At Nothing Kids’ available now on all streaming platforms via Alumni Records!

‘Good At Nothing Kids’ explores a darker theme, breaking from their signature bright and bold entrance that the collective is known for. Whilst remaining tongue in cheek the lyrics paint a vivid picture of a strange day, highlighting a rebellious attitude towards the social norms conveyed through lead singer Moom$ effortless flow, over this aggressive – fast paced piece that represents the group really finding their sound.

“I wrote these lyrics a while ago and always had a thing for them, but they got lost in the notes on my phone. When I stumbled across them by surprise at practice, it just fitted to the instrumental we were jamming and seemed to work.” – Flimsey Lohan on ‘Good At Nothing Kids’

After the successful release of their first offering for 2019 Westgate Groove and their debut EP Dolphin Puppy in 2018, Filmsey Lohan continues to make noise and build traction including having their last single premiered on Triple J Unearthed, playing raw house parties around Melbourne and an energetic and intense floor show to a full room at Boney’s growing hip hop event New Kids Melbourne.

With their sophomore EP and debut album currently in the works, the Flimsey Lohan quartet is psyched to get a full piece out into the world with their sound, but ‘Good At Nothing Kids’ will have to do for now! To keep up with the latest news on Flimsey Lohan and their music, you can check out their socials below!

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