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Published on August 24th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Gon Shares – Breaking Out

So much of the best art is born out of resistance or is propelled by the energy of pushing back against something. Gon – singer/songwriter Gon Halevi — will release his debut full-length album, Diagonal Fields, on October 25 via CEN/The Orchard. Reactionary in all the best ways, the music manages the rare trick of being personal, political, and deeply humane. With this news, Gon shares his first album track, “Breaking Out” – enjoy via Youtube.

Breaking Out” is buoyed by the ebullience and range of Gon’s voice, which dips and soars effortlessly, wrapping the track with a sense of longing and, more often than not, a barely contained joy. The song speaks to the excitement and fear that are inherent in coming of age and coming into one’s own. Though he wouldn’t necessarily think to call himself first and foremost a gay songwriter, Gon is quick to point out the importance of being out—both in his life and in his songs.

Gon came to New York by way of Tel Aviv, and the swirling culture clash of identity and experience made for fruitful, if still somewhat uneasy, songwriting. New York is seen as the place that will make everything happen, but life doesn’t work this way – it wants us to yearn for something so badly that we are willing to risk everything, be courageous, vulnerable, fail, then try again. “Breaking Out” was written after a wave of blame and hatred for New York, and sees Gon making a commitment to be responsible for his future and to not let a cold, heartless, crazy, stunning city dictate what he is going to feel or be.

The eleven tracks on Gon’s full-length debut, Diagonal Fields, strike a delicate balance between piano-driven ballads and perfectly augmented cinematic chamber pop, all wrapped around a voice that is by turns plaintive, deeply emotive, and—for lack of a better term—swooningly operatic.

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