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Published on August 16th, 2019 | by Darren Paltrowitz


“Good Boys” Star Keith L. Williams On “The Last Man On Earth,” Future Projects, Hobbies & More

Breakout actor Keith L. Williams stars as Lucas in the highly-anticipated Universal comedy Good Boys which hits theaters nationwide today, August 16th. From the creative minds behind Superbad and Pineapple Express — including Seth RogenGood Boys focuses on a trio of well-intentioned sixth-grade boys whose day of skipped school become an all-day odyssey of misadventures when their curiosity leads them from one awkward situation into making some epically bad decisions.

Keith L. Williams was known prior to the release of Good Boys for playing Jasper on the FOX series The Last Man On Earth. I spoke with him about this and more within our August 7, 2019 phone chat, as transcribed below. Williams can be followed on Twitter and Instagram via @KeithLWilliams.

Hey Keith, how’s it going there today?

Keith L. Williams: I’m doing great.

Am I getting you from Texas?

Keith L. Williams: I’m actually in New York right now.

I assume you’re promoting Good Boys which looks like it’s getting great reviews and it’s going well. Had you worked with anyone from the film before you were cast in it?

Keith L. Williams: No, I hadn’t worked with anyone on the film before I did it.

Your role on The Last Man On Earth was a very popular breakout role for you. Was it as fun as it looked to making the show The Last Man On Earth?

Keith L. Williams: Yes, it was amazing.

Were you the only young adult on the set for that show?

Keith L. Williams: Yes I was, actually. But they were so welcoming and they made me feel so comfortable, at home.

You had a breakout role where really you stood out in every way possible, not only being the only young adult but you weren’t speaking the first few episodes. Was it difficult to be on-camera but not have lines at the beginning?

Keith L. Williams: Yes it was. I just kept asking Will [Forte] “Can I please have my lines?”… My character Jasper gradually had to show his personality.

So Good Boys gets you to show a new side of yourself that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other roles for you before. Did you have any hesitation when you saw the script of showing this new side of yourself?

Keith L. Williams: Yeah, a little bit of hesitation… But my mom motivated me to do it. When I knew that it was just acting and it wasn’t really me, I was fine with it.

I believe your first role was in a Christmas special for Blake Shelton. Is that true?

Keith L. Williams: Yes actually, it was really fun. I really liked it.

You were also in a Christmas special for Gwen Stefani. Was that just a coincidence that you were in Christmas special for both of them?

Keith L. Williams: Yes, that was a coincidence. Actually he was on-set and remembered me.

Wow. And when did you know that you were going to be working a lot in your career? That you were not just going to have one or two auditions but that this was going to be a career for you?

Keith L. Williams: After I booked The Last Man On Earth I knew that and what wanted to do. It was amazing.

Good Boys was your first you know starring role in a film, is that something that you want to do more of? Starring in films rather than doing television?

Keith L. Williams: Yes, definitely. But I really want to do it all.

I read in your bio that you also rap. Is that something that you want to do as part of your career?

Keith L. Williams: Yeah, I think I would try to sing most likely. I haven’t really gotten into the rapping part yet.

I read somewhere that you rap, so you sing. Is that something that you do for fun? Or you really do hope to do that as a career?

Keith L. Williams: For fun.

Have you ever been in a role for TV or film where you actually sang on-camera?

Keith L. Williams: Absolutely, yes — Good Boys. They cut that scene, though.

So do you know the next project or two you’re working on right now? Or is that all top secret?

Keith L. Williams: I have some things in the works. Nothing I can really talk about yet. It’s not really confirmed yet.

So when you’re not busy with work, what do you like to do for fun? What do you wish more people knew about you?

Keith L. Williams: I like to draw, swim, go to the beach, rollerskate, of course.

Wow, rollerskating, when did you start doing that?

Keith L. Williams: Since I could walk.

Do you rollerskate and rollerblade? Or you just rollerskate?

Keith L. Williams: I rollerskate. I like the four wheels better than the blade. I’ve tried rollerblading and iceskating but it wasn’t me.

Now that you’re in New York, is this a city that you’ve spent a lot of time in before?

Keith L. Williams: No, it’s my first time out. I’ll definitely be back.

Have you done all the touristy things like go to Times Square and see the Empire State Building?

Keith L. Williams: Yes, we saw Times Square and we did the Empire State Building and we found my billboard actually.

Wow, congratulations on your billboard. So Keith, any last words for the kids?

Keith L. Williams: Make sure you go and check out the movie Good Boys. It’s going to be awesome. If you want to get a good laugh, definitely go and see it.

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