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Published on August 17th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Louder Levelz Music taking the throne

Louder Levelz Music Presents their new joined mixtape ” Take Back My Throne, “ the sequel to their previous mixtape ” Dust My Throne.” The new mixtapes feel was inspired by “a heist” concept, as they take/steal the industry by vocal storm. The mixtape includes some of their artists most popular hits such as “Got Game” and “I’m sorry.” 

Joining in on the mixtape they have a few celebrity features including ” TTGO.” Petoria based, Vuzu Hustle finalist with straight up talent. The mixtape has all the members from the label on it as well including: “LOUD featuring Mr. Epic and Rav – Pierre ball (Epic) being the core founder and inspiring leader to his talented team. , Mimi came in hitting hard with her versatile  sweet girl gangster charm this young lady packs an unexpected punch, Daystar with his free flow poetic freestyle rapping making each flow feel completely effortless, Blake Young the RNB sensational act with vocals that make the ladies heart throb and Dawa the latest discovery from the label,” showing off every artists powerhouse packages in their own unique way. The pure idea that Louder levelz music was able to pull this off for a second time and in record timing following the still trending “Dust my throne” mixed tape, shouts pure inspiration in the explosive industry of music.


(Mixtape is available on both Audiomack and Soundcloud under Louder Levelz Music)


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