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Published on August 2nd, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


Memory Alexandra Releases Official Music Video for “Don’t Break Us”

Singer and songwriter Memory Alexandra releases her new visuals for “Don’t Break Us” with her powerful message of inspiration, hope and letting go:

“Life begins when you let go of your worries. You can never be great without a story. You must believe in you and stand, the moment you realize that all you ever needed is you and God, that is the moment you step into your divine calling. You’re only limited to the things you allow to limit you.”

Check it out “Don’t Break Us” on Youtube below:

Memory Alexandra is an American born singer and songwriter with Nigerian Heritage. She was born in Denver, Colorado on September 27th. Her love for music and gift in composition was evident right around the time she was learning how to walk. As Memory grew older, this talent cultivated itself into an phenomenal gift that launched her career in music. Memory’s journey into music, however was far from smooth.

Growing up, Memory was abused physically, verbally and emotionally by many of the people that she was closest to. Their pessimistic spirits and cruel behavior rained down and nearly extinguished Memory’s longtime dream of being a professional singer, songwriter and fashion designer. Many of these people were determined to prevent Memory from living the life that she was indubitably destined, and they went as far as sabotaging even her smallest successes in hopes of muting the powerful voice buried deep down inside of her.Instead of getting even and succumbing to be less, Memory has chosen Faith over fear. Memory prays that everything she has experienced will coat her voice and allow her to connect with people from diverse backgrounds empowering them to step into their own destiny. The album she released entitled Perfect has launched her career and showcases just a few of the genres that she is able to write and perform. Those genres include Pop, Ballad, Disco and even R&B. The entire album Perfect was written by Memory in under an hour and is a mere glimpse of her musical ability. Memory has 100s of other songs that she has written independently; songs that you will indubitably be hearing in the future.

Memory would like her listeners and fans to know “You can truly become whatever you want to be and if you set your mind on it, no one can stop your destiny. Stay alive and fight to be you. You’re in charge of who you are born to be”.

She gives all of the glory and honor to her Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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