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Published on August 24th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


PANQUEQUE Finds Her Strength Through Her Weakness in New Single “ATACAMA”

We all seek the beauty in every endeavor and relationship. We strive to find the good, and once it is found, we hold on to it with our dear life. But what happens when the beauty fades to the point that you forgot what it even feels like? PANQEUQUE struggles with knowing her relationship was beautiful, but has now faded in her new single “ATACAMA”.

PANQUEQUE commonly creates her work from personal experiences. In “ATACAMA”, she drew inspiration from her visit to the unique desert. Once every seven years, the Atacama desert erupts a massive bloom of pink mallow flowers; an incredibly resilient flowers that can grow basically anywhere. While in the desert, PANQUEQUE was able to experience this rare event herself…twice. Taking this rarity as a sign, she was able to reflect on confronting her weaknesses and grow within.

Fresh off of her latest single, “GONE”, PANQUEQUE again showcases her artistic musicality. The wavy and hypnotic synths envelop the listener in an instant, leading to an energetic drop was a a trap like melody. “ATACAMA” truly appeals to listeners of varying preferences. PANQUEQUE’s vocals are distant yet comforting through the lively melodies that leave the listener in a dream state they won’t want to leave.

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