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Shiloh Meets World Talks, Biggie Influence, Transition From NY to LA and “Kopenhagen Fur!”

Shiloh Meets World delivers with hit single, “Kopenhagen Fur!” He explains the meaning behind the song.

Shiloh Meets World is a Harlem native who has relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. In the meantime, he is delivering some awesome music that showcases his very diverse skill set and talents. Earlier this month he released, “Kopenhagen Fur” which is a single dedicated to a past love in which he wrote to get closer. Also, on the EP, “Preacher’s Daughter” and “Kopenhagen Fur II.” Coming from a musical background, Shiloh’s mother worked for, Uptown Records, he learned how to create based on what’s hot and what’s not at an early age. He hopes to use his competitive musical nature as a launching pad into the film industry which prompted his move from New York to L.A. He also understands that patience is virtue in the film business and plans to provide us with another EP this fall to keep his musical perspective sharp.

I recently caught up with, Shiloh Meets World, who opens up about the meaning behind, “Kopenhagen Fur,” Biggie influence and being a part of, Alex da Kid and his, KIDinaKORNER movement.

How is everything going, my man?

Shiloh Meets World: Ah man, everything is pretty good. I’m just excited to finally be getting music out and having that avenue to be able to put stuff out. I’ve been working on this for the last 4-years since I moved down here [Los Angeles]. So, it was good to finally see something out.

Was it a culture shock to move from New York to California or did you adjust fairly easy?

Shiloh Meets World: (Laughing), it was pretty smooth. Being from New York, I lived in Texas for a year, so I kind of had that culture shock of being a 16-year old kid coming from Harlem and going to Texas. Seeing cows and things like that for the first time (laughing). That’s a whole different acclimation that comes with that. This was way lighter compared to that time, but it was a transition for sure; an interesting one.

I’m sure you may have heard this, but when I listen to your music, you don’t sound like a “Harlem” rapper. Do you get that a lot and how do you gauge it?

Shiloh Meets World: (Laughing), I get that. I don’t trip over it. That’s just where I’m from. Being from there and knowing what I’ve been through… to be able to have that alone. I never really wanted to sound like anyone else. I want to sound like myself, so I never get too upset. After a while I think people are really going to see. So, it doesn’t mess with my head.

I hear a certain sound when I listen to your music, but I’ll let you tell me your musical influences and I’ll see if we are in the same area.

Shiloh Meets World: Jay, definitely inspired the way that I approach my music. Kayne I would say, and Biggie is probably #1. Biggie is #1 because I learned how to rap from, Biggie. His flow, his whole cadence and his style. He is my biggest influence. There are so many people who inspire me, not just with rap, but in terms of delivery, probably solely, Biggie, man. I learned all of that from him.

I hear, Kanye West for sure when I listen to your music, so I wasn’t off with that.

Shiloh Meets World: Ah man thank you. I realize how much he subconsciously influenced me. I wasn’t always the biggest, Kanye fan growing up at first. As I got a little bit older his music started hitting me different. Sometimes I hear certain things and realize that he is more influential than I even thought. You know when you see it in yourself you can’t even ignore that.

Earlier this month, you dropped, “Kopenhagen Fur.” Could you explain the meaning behind that song and that title?

Shiloh Meets World: “Kopenhagen Fur,” basically the meaning behind that is, I wound up meeting this girl a few years ago that I started dating that I really liked. She was from Copenhagen and it ended for me pretty fast. So, for the next year or two, it was like during my time of making music. I had a lot of things happen to me in my life, but this was during a time where I felt like I had to opportunity to create what I wanted to create. I couldn’t get any closer from this girl, so I made, “Kopenhagen Fur.” Copenhagen is obviously in Denmark, it’s a colder place and they are one of the leading fur auction houses in the world and it’s called, “Kopenhagen Fur.” So, I wound up coming across that and spelling it the way you see it with the “K,” for Kopenhagen because that’s how they use it. I kind of ran with that. Being cold and being revolved around a girl. I was pretty much making songs that were lovey-dovey and girl I miss you and working it as I’m growing as an artist and as I’m going through something, but then it just became, “Kopenhagen Fur.” Once that came into me, it never left and it was like, you know what, this is how I’m going to find my closer. That’s what that really is.

She was either a very special girl or did some imminent damage to get the single dedicated to her, my man.

Shiloh Meets World: She was pretty cool. I definitely can’t front on that. I’m more appreciative now then I was then. I didn’t even think I could tap into something like this, so I owe it to her.

You are a member of the KIDinaKORNER movement, which is upheld by British super-producer, Alex da Kid. What has it been like to be a part of this crew?

Shiloh Meets World: This whole journey I’ve been on, man, just tucking my head down and trying to run with this and make the music the best way that I could and really focus on me. Doing that for such a period of time and I wasn’t necessarily looking for people or looking for a situation like this. It just kind of found its way some kind of way. To get in contact with, Alex da Kid and for him to reach out and really want to talk about my music. He heard my music through someone and really fuck with it. He called me, we chopped it up and he saw the vision. It was enough for me to say, let’s just rock with it and see where it goes. Coming here from New York… I moved here to not even do music at first. I came here to do film. I knew that was going to take time for me to just own it like I really wanted to, so I didn’t want to rush into anything, so this kind of happened at perfect timing. And then being at, KIDinaKORNER and being with other dope artists allows me the time to work on film and just grow. For me, I started doing a lot more writing and other things that I enjoy as an artist. It’s been cool so far.

Acting is your passion and it seems like music and the big screen goes hand and hand when you look at, Lauryn Hill’s success and more recently, Childish Gambino. Are you hoping for your big screen break sooner rather than later or are you taking the patient approach?

Shiloh Meets World: I can’t say sooner rather than later. I can’t say exactly when, but I do know that film is what inspires me, it’s what drove me here and it’s even how I approach my music. How I get inspired for music is usually through films. So, with the, Childish Gambino’s and these guys doing this, I applaud them for the stuff that they’re doing. They are really changing a lot of stuff. But eventually at some point I will be in film. Not that I’m really tapped in with the music and I’m really competitive with it, I want to take it as far as I can. But film is what I moved here for. I’m not going to say it’s my end goal, but it’s something that I think about all the time, so at some point when my day comes, I’m definitely going to do that for sure.

Your mom worked at, Uptown Records when you were younger. Did you learn some of the music business from her; at least some of the lingo?

Shiloh Meets World: Nah… yes and no. My mom, on the level of what it takes to make it and the creation of music, what’s hot, my mom taught me that. As far as like the business side of things, I pretty much learned that on my own as far as figuring it out through trial and error from watching things and my experience. But my mom gave me a whole lot of experience on the other end of that. She was preparing me for this before I even knew I wanted to do this. My whole life was built off of that.

Before I let you go, I know you will be providing us with another EP in the fall. Is it more, “Kopenhagen Fur,” type of material or are you going to switch it up and show other sides?

Shiloh Meets World: Yeah, it’s going to be different. “Kopenhagen Fur” was just me giving you guys a little something that was intimate from myself. It was an introduction that was personal and now that we are past the introduction, the next project that I’m going to have is going to be another 3 or 4 songs, but completely different. “Kopenhagen Fur” was definitely aggressive to a degree, but this is going to be more of my sound and where I need it to be. It’s the beginning pretty much. It’s going to be a whole different ride and universal element as far as music goes.

I appreciate the time; I can’t wait to hear your next project and we will definitely be speaking again soon. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Shiloh Meets World: I appreciate you so much for just giving me the time right now. I understand how much really goes into these interviews and I’m just really appreciative of it. I’m thankful for the opportunity. Thank you!

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