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Published on August 24th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Soulful-Pop Newcomers Austin Ward and Yaz Delight on heat.wav EP

Until recently, pop-duets had been few and far between. Now they have increasingly made their way back into pop culture. For many artists collaborating, they make one release together then continue on with their solo careers. For Austin Ward and Yaz, this is not the case.

The two have found a sweet spot collaborating with one another. Finding each other through mutual connections at East/West Studios, they found musical chemistry that solidified their desire to pursue music full time. This decision proved to be the right move, as their success continues to grow rapidly.

Their first collaboration, a cover of COIN’s “Malibu 1992,” delighted many music lovers, attracting over 280 thousand streams and counting. Following “Malibu 1992” was the duo’s first original, “Got Your Love” which achieved over 200K views on YouTube.

Their latest release, heat.wav, is a two-song EP that feels fresh, vibrant and young. “Better Place” and “Someone Else In Mind” was initially recorded separately, but after realizing the singles fit perfectly they decided to release them together. Each track fit a summer feel to tie in the end of the season. The two songs juxtapose each other being day vs night, bringing tranquil moods to vibe with as you unwind under the sun.

“Better Place” brings bright bubbly synths and warm guitar-led with a casual back and forth between the two on youth, love, and wanderlust. “Better Place” is a track about taking on the world and realizing one’s full potential. The warm sunrise left by “Better Place” is immediately juxtaposed with “Someone Else in Mind” a single filled with breezy Latin influences about a relationship that has run its course.

With each release, Austin Ward and Yaz continue to hone in on their sound. Making pop music sound more polished and mature than it has been for quite some time. It’s exciting to see what these two have in store and how they will influence the genre in the future.

Stream the EP below:

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