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Published on August 7th, 2019 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


The Prince of Atlanta is Bringing the Limelight Back to His City

Silentó is strategically shaking up the Industry by himself

EX: Silento being that mentor to young artists in the industry to ensure they don’t face the hurdles a young naive artist may come across.

Ricky Hawk realizes the next generation is suffering like never before. The introduction to the industry in Atlanta and around the world is mostly ending in horror stories. Being only 15 with his fame and notoriety, he’s navigated his way back through the trenches by learning how cut throat it really can be. He is still at the beginning stages of being Atlanta’s prince, but that will not stop him from shining around the world. He will be in Asia in a week then North Carolina then Michigan….So what exactly is he doing? Is he performing off of his Mega Hit Watch Me and only performing Watch Me (the song that has garnered over 4 billion streams internationally?) Nope.

He has his own music group called SilentoMOB which consists of artists from Atlanta who are soon releasing their first EP. Similar to how 50 Cent created the G-Unit Juggernaut. Led by Ricky, he also has his little sister Princess London and other young up and coming teen megastars. The variety of talent Ricky is managing and producing is large considering him being 21 but it actually drives him to be the best and an international superstar which the prince definitely is capable of.

Recently released a single called “Aye Bae Bae” which was recorded over a year ago however never decided to do anything with it due to unforeseen circumstances. He decided he needed to kill some time before his major music projects will begin so he has been releasing music regularly.

There was a video shot of Aye Bae Bae in London which Ricky actually finalized the production when he received it halfway done. The video is now officially released and there are already remixes to follow with international artists because of the amazing feedback it has first received.

Be on the look-out for the “Trenches” video which is a SilentoMOB song. The Prince will also be singing the prayers at the Gathering Spot for Atlanta’s Inaugural Unity Week to kick it off this week. Unity Week ATL is a week-long event, powered by The L.E.W.I.S agency, @thelewisagency dedicated to connecting non-profit organizations, private sectors, government to the communities they serve through various activities and programs.

All Back to School Events for Unity Week ATL are specifically dedicated to providing the youth within our communities with school resources to last all year long as well as support for programs, training and wraparound services that help the youth further achieve their goals. Alongside Ricky includes Scrappy, KD Bowe, and other Atlanta Influential Figures.

The Fresh Prince of Atlanta said he doesn’t want to become king anytime soon because the king always gets dethroned. SilentoMOB is here to stay.


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