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Siberian artist Vee released his EP Sober. His EP follows his 2018 mixtape Veemix and single “young & ballin”. Vee’s sound is totally unique. Not only can Vee rap, but his voice carries a creamy and effortless melody seeking influence from some of America’s biggest artists like The Weekend and Travis McKoy as you will see in his latest work.

Sober brings Vee back to a place from his past. Born in cold Siberian Russia, Vee always had great passion for music. While growing up, he had a heavy influence from American hip hop music. The ability to tell a story in its most vulnerable and raw way, moved Vee despite the heavy language barrier. This barrier only motivated Vee to learn the language, mastering English in a mere 2 and a half years and it showed in his ability to level up in all artistic aspects.

Now, Vee is a force to be reckoned with in the world of music and is more than ready to release his debut EP. He has amassed a substantial American fan base while being completely independent in his creative process allowing him to put his heart and soul into his craft and find out where he fits in the industry as an artist.

Vee continues to hone his craft without stopping at anything to turn his dream into a reality. Listen to the new EP titled Sober below, and keep an eye on the young artist as he grows into his own and explodes on this fresh and powerful piece of art

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