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Published on August 18th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Who Is Global Entrepreneur Tomer Zur?

From employee to entrepreneur, Manhattan’s Tomer Zur, 33, has become one of the hottest new businessmen in the United States. The award-winning inventor has ascended to new heights and new territories in the global trades through investing.

The Israeli millionaire has gone global through early financial investment. Like his early aspirations in automotive technology, Zur foresaw the lucrative future and committed faithfully and immediately.


“When I saw that automotive technology is taking over, I decided that this is also a business I wanna put my hands on.”

Unfamiliar with Tomer Zur’s story? Formerly from Israel, the U.S. immigrant is publicly known for his automotive technology empire and providing lucrative opportunities of self-employment to other immigrants. To-date, Zur has provided over 4,000 U.S. immigrants in the Manhattan-area with vehicles and employment through his luxury black car service.

Thanks to the success of his consumer transportation company, in 2017, Tomer Zur was estimated at 140 million dollars (net worth).

Looking to expand his portfolio to other aspects of business, Zur began exploring investing. Sticking close to technology, Zur sought out collaborations with the most prominent technological country in the world; China. Using his automotive brand, the immigrant united with the Wanda Group, one of the largest technology companies in the world, to put over 75,000 cars on the streets annually. Like he did for the Tri-State area, this investment will produce mass employment and significant returns for everyone involved.

Another significant return, Tomer’s branched out into farming through his involvement in South America’s profitable farming distribution. Through a deal with Bodega Comercial Mexicana, Zur has a growing vegetable supply company he opened in 2018 through a 65 million dollar investment. This is an investment which will rapidly spread across Mexico and South America.

For his latest investment, while on vacation last October, Zur returned to his startup roots to produce a lucrative automotive deal that will bring the game-changing luxury ride-sharing business to the United Arab Emirates.

How did it happen?

“Last year, I had taken a trip to Dubai. During that time, I saw the potential there. A few months later, our group and I raised 25 million to increase the market sold to Uber. We’ve already put the first 50 cars in the market, and we plan to expand to around 500 -1000. Dubai will be one of the biggest markets, and the world permit will have value like no other place in the world.”

Building a global network, Tomer Zur and his brand is guaranteed to generate a billion-dollar profit in record-breaking fashion. He definitely has the transportation means to get there quickly.

Ultimately, Tomer Zur is developing a successful investment blueprint for immigrants to practice for generations to come. Not only demonstrating how to properly build, expand, and provide-but how to become a natural resource through connections and serial investing. Trailblazing across the continents, Tomer Zur, the billionaire, is only a matter of time.

Next deal?

“I’m focusing on Asia right now.”

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