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Published on August 2nd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Zach Mackey Presents His Emotional Journey in “You Know What You Did”

Alternative and electro pop artist, Zach Mackey, has presented to the world his hauntingly artistic view in his new single, “You Know What You Did”. Zach offers a new style of angst pop by incorporating infectious rhythms and dissonant harmonies to deliver a track designed to explain the guilt-ridden mindset of a rejected lover.

Zach first stepped into the musical world through classical music composition. However, when he entered his second year of college, he began to blend electronic styled music with poetry he had written. Introduced to electronic production through his former professor, Zach quickly dived into producing his own signature as well as writing pieces for his friends. With the dramatic shift in genres and musical influences, Zach soon created his own mark in music while bringing his poetry to life.

“You Know What You Did” is a cryptic yet emotionally driven musical piece that instantly captivates the listener. Combining hypnotizing dark melodies and synths with Zach’s ominous vocals quickly shapes the rich yet deep message of the song. “You Know What You Did” documents the genuine raw emotions associated with an agonizing heartbreak. In a letter to a past lover, Zach not only lays out the past torment he experienced, but also rekindling a relationship through his distinctive yet artistic perspective.

Zach debut EP, Just Boy Things, is set to be released this fall. The emotionally rich EP represents each phase in Zach’s life such as his experience of falling in and out of love, abandoning everything and flying across the country, and confronting his struggles with self acceptance. 

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