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4 Musicians On Playing “Fall For Greenville” 2019 & Why They Love The City of Greenville, SC

Greenville may not be one of the five largest cities within the state of South Carolina, yet it manages to have just about everything that a person would expect from a major city. That not only includes an airport, hotels, restaurants, and nightlife, but also an arena, sports teams, a bike-share program, breweries, artisanal coffee spots, festivals, museums, and over 700 acres of public parks.

Located halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte — geographically speaking — Greenville is also within driving distance to Nashville, Raleigh, Birmingham, Louisville, and Jacksonville. While the growing city is currently without a direct flight to Los Angeles, Greenville does currently have direct flights to and from Chicago, New York, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Miami, Philadelphia, and other major American cities.

A festival known to attract more than 150,000 guests over the course of 3 days — more than doubling the city’s population — Fall For Greenville is known not only for its variety of culinary offerings (50+ local eateries set up tents along eight blocks of Main Street) but also for its incredible concert series. More than 60 acts take to 5 stages over the course of the weekend. Ultimately, Fall For Greenville shines a spotlight on regional talent, while also pairing up local bands with national acts.

From Moon Taxi to Lilly Hiatt to Phat Lip to Reckless Kelly to The Bad Popes, every single performance is free to attend. Indie-folk lovers will love Apricot Blush and San Fermin, and country-rock fans will enjoy Darby Wilcox & The Peep Show. This year’s lineup features bands from Columbia, Charleston, Athens, Asheville, New Orleans, and New York. In addition, more than 50 craft beers from 26 breweries will be featured beyond there being 50+ eateries with set-ups along Main Street.

I had the pleasure of visiting speaking with 4 different artists who are playing Fall For Greenville this year, and highlights from those Q&As — Part 1 ran on Urbanmatter — are below:

When did you find out that you were booked for Fall For Greenville festival?

Keon Masters: I found out in June — June 21st, I believe.

Mark Webb Jr.: February of this year. It was great knowing that early because it allowed us to plan our fall tour around it.

Darby Wilcox: Months ago Josh McGee emailed me asking if we’d like to be part of fall for Greenville. It’s been six years or so since I’ve been on the lineup. It was exciting to see my name a little further up the list this year.

Have you played alongside or toured with anyone from Fall For Greenville before?

Keon Masters: Ohhh yah. Quite a few of the bands are from Charleston and other areas in the southeast. Babe Club, Human Resources, She Returns From War, Whitehall, and Futurebirds are all friends on mine. Great bands and great people. Anyone reading this and going to Fall For Greenville should make a note to check them out.

Mark Webb Jr.: Yes. Since I’m from Greenville I have obviously played with some of the locals on the festival this year. As far as the national acts I have not played with any of them on the festival this year. However, I have played or toured with some of the acts from previous years.

Darby Wilcox: Sure! I’ve been blessed to have crossed paths with many of the artists on the line up. Phat Lip is lead by one of my good friends, Kelly Jo. We share a few band members as well. She and I used to be a side project together called Thunderboxx. She Returns From War is a dear friend and someone I am always blown away by musically. We’ve play many shows together and run in solid music fam circle. I’ve worked with cravin’ Melon, Hans Wenzel, The Work, Dear Blanca, Admiral Radio, Shannon Hoover and more. So much talent.

Any vendors that you’re looking forward to checking out while at the festival?

Keon Masters: None in particular but excited to sample a lot of the offerings.

Mark Webb Jr.: All of them! Since I was a kid, one of favorite things to do during Fall For Greenville is to check out the many vendors who are setup throughout the festival, but the older I get, the more I find myself just hanging out near the craft beer. (laughs)

Darby Wilcox: I am always excited to discover people I didn’t know of before. No one in particular, but that’s the fun part. Just being and absorbing what’s around me!

Fall For Greenville aside, what do the next few months look like for you work-wise?

Keon Masters: Many Thanks is coming out October 4th, I’ll be releasing a video for the track “Feel Nuthin’” directed by Greenville local Gunner Willis, I’m going to be playing shows to support the album, and I’ll be working on new music in Atlanta. A little uncertain after that.

Mark Webb Jr.: I put out a record in April of this year called Smoke Wine Banter which you can find on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. With that release we are touring and playing as many shows as possible to promote it. Next year will be a continuation of that, and then I’ll start working on the next album. I like keeping myself busy with work.

Darby Wilcox:We are hoping to get into the studio to start recording our next record. We have been working on a slew of new tunes. Peep Show has increased by two members/instruments on pedal steel and backup vocals. It’s beefed up our sound a bit and I can’t wait to lay down some tracks!

We will be playing for an event benefiting the Homeless Period Project in late October which helps many women and girls on the street have access to everyday sanitary products such as pads and tampons. We will also be playing for a Pride event coming up in November. We love community and do all we can to support it.

We are also looking forward to being part of Extra Chill Fest in Charleston, SC held at the Royal American. It’s a fun and diverse festival going into it’s second year.

Finally, any last words for the kids?

Keon Masters: Have fun, eat candy, and pizza will remain your favorite food.

Mark Webb Jr.: Clean your room.

Darby Wilcox: Don’t forget the greatest power is in the immediate moment. Thoughts are thoughts and you can change them at any time! You are not what you think in your mind, but the actions to perform.

Moon Taxi’s Tyler Ritter: Cats and dogs can live together, without mass hysteria, despite what Dr. Venkman says.

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