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Published on September 13th, 2019 | by Jason Bourne


DaVionne talks about working on “Revenge of the Dreamers 3” album with Dreamville

A 19 year old songstress hailing from Augusta, GA DaVionne released her 2018 project, ‘Exes and Oh’s’ after much anticipation.  As 2019 rolled in DaVionne took her greatest leap of faith in pursuit of a chance to be featured on J. Coles #1 album ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’. The story behind this placement is one of true dedication and perseverance but more importantly a testament to one’s belief in themselves and willingness to follow their heart and passion.  Learn more about her story, and how she landed the career altering opportunity.

Jason Bourne: Revenge Of the Dreamers 3 is a dope accolade to add to your resume, discography; talk to us about the experience of working on that project?

DaVionne: The entire experience was so divinely appointed for real. I was not officially invited by the Dreamville team to come, but a couple of my talented ass friends thought I should have been there and asked me to come out. I hopped in a Lyft and I went! Throughout the entire experience, I was learning so much about the industry and myself.  I took a lot of mental notes and to be honest I didn’t actually expect to be able to record, let alone BE ON THE ALBUM! Life is just crazy like that. Everyone there was so down to earth and open to collaborate with whomever, it didn’t matter if you weren’t the most “known”, I didn’t experience any politics whatsoever.

Jason Bourne: How would you say the collaboration has impacted your career?

DaVionne: The impact that Revenge of The Dreamers 3 has had on my career, I would have to say is the amount of exposure it’s gotten me. I’m so very grateful to have been able to be a part of something so great. Not only did the album/video for Sleep Deprived get me recognition as people got to see my face but the entire process taught me to just trust God and take leaps.

Jason Bourne: For anyone who is not familiar how would you describe your brand of music as a whole?

DaVionne: For those who aren’t quite familiar with me, I’d definitely describe my music as “feel good” music. I try to make music for every situation so that everyone is able to relate with at least one song. I am definitely an R&B artist but I pull heavily from hip hop/rap so don’t be surprised if I switch up the cadence on you and give you something to turn up to!

Jason Bourne: Aside from your artistry, Who is DaVionne?

DaVionne: Aside from music, I am a goofball that loves to go to the movies. I enjoy talking to people but I hate going out. How ironic. I love binge watching shows on Netflix then spoiling the ending for my friends. Honestly, I’m just a typical 19 year old. Oh yeah, I’m also an avid runner!

Jason Bourne: Between songwriting and recording, which is more challenging and which is more fulfilling?

DaVionne: Well if I’m being honest, I was a writer before any recording took place. I remember being in the 3rd grade with a notebook full of songs that I wrote trying to figure out how I could make them better or more catchy. I began recording very young as well, my first song was at the age of 13. My big sister KayLa (@Kaydotla) is an artist as well so she helped me record and post my first song on SoundCloud. By the time I was 15 I was a natural. I’d say that being an artist is more fulfilling for me though. I’ve found that the more I write for other artists, the more I realize how unique and special I am as an artist simply because not everyone is able to do what I am.  I do enjoy being able to help other artists develop their sound, help them realize their feelings well enough to make a song about them.

Jason Bourne: As an emerging artist, where do you see yourself fitting into today’s music industry ? How will you set yourself apart from everything else being offered out there?

DaVionne: Oversaturation in the music industry was definitely a concern of mine, but the more I grow as not only an artist but a young woman, I am secure in my talents and I know that God has a specified seat for me at the table. I just need to keep being true to my sound and continue to evolve organically.

Jason Bourne: The journey of an indie artist is a tough one – what are some of the ups and downs that have made you stronger?

DaVionne: Being independent is for sure a challenge financially, emotionally and spiritually. But I do love the freedom that I’m afforded because I am independent. It’s all about balance though, appreciating the good and the bad.

Jason Bourne: Do you have a body of work out that the readers should get in tuned with?

DaVionne: Yes! Everyone can stream my EP “Exes and Oh’s” right now as well as my latest single “Best Friends” on all platforms !

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