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Published on September 21st, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Halia Jack Releases Her EP ‘Dreamland’

Hailing from North London Halia Jack, is adding her own twist, style and flavour on the current landscape of pop music. Heralded by two singles, the neo- soul infused ‘Waited Long Enough’ along with the uplifting synth bop ‘Threw It All Away’ as openers to the dynamic and vibrant pastiche of sounds from her brand new debut EP Dreamland.


Taking influence from 90’s pop and RnB, it is evident from the opening of the EP, her throwback styles flawlessly flaunt a variety of genres to form her musical identity, with a delicate yet powerful vocal with compelling lyrics. Dreamland is largely inspired by matters of the heart, noting that her musical creations are a product of her ‘colourful love life and an eventful dating history’ using music as a cathartic outlet for her feelings and transversing existential themes through an intricate exploration of love and dating. Halia is not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and be ‘unapologetically proud of it’.

Dreamland is a harmonious display of her intertwined musical and personal journeys, boasting a vast sonic scope, admirable creative autonomy and is symbolic of Halia’s immense growth, with 3 previously unheard tracks plus a remix,  infusing electropop, R&B, jazz and neo-soul, it has an underlying message of embracing and honouring all felt emotions which inspires her listeners to find strength and empowerment in vulnerability. Halia Jack’s music reflects the psyche of every millennial woman in a stirringly raw, unadulterated and authentic way.

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