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Published on September 7th, 2019 | by Landon Buford


NBA 2K20 Review: Best Sports Game I’ve Played in Years


The new installment of NBA 2k made it’s long-awaited debut on Friday 6, at midnight. As fans know the best game for virtual basketball simulation has been for the last decade, at least the NBA 2k series. 2K Studios has been the Worldwide leader when it comes to its basketball franchise. Meanwhile, its competitor, EA Sports, hasn’t made a competitive NBA Live since 2005, which featured Carmelo Anthony on the cover.

However, EA Sports has been able to corner the market with its Madden Football game, as well as, FIFA Soccer. Both of those games have a lot of hype surrounding them every year, but its nothing like NBA 2K.  The 2K game launch every year is second to none. The night before the release 2K Studios throws its annual release party featuring members of the NBA community as well as, other members connect to that year’s specific game. The following day is 2K Day, and it allows the fans to interact with the players and member of the NBA 2K staff with a question and answer session.

With all the player movement this offseason, NBA 2K is one of the most anticipated games in a long time.

NBA 2K20 Review: The best game I have played since NBA 2K15

Last year, installment of the sold over 12 million units, making it one of the sought out simulated basketball games of all-time. You can tell the NBA 2K developers took their time during the creation process and even reached out to the fans via social to ask for their input.

There has a been a lot of additions to this year’s version, which includes the My Career mode. Actor Idris Elba is featured throughout the games a coach, he begins as the head coach of the main character’s college “Bay City University.” He later follows the character to the pros. Other individuals that can be seen are Lara Heller, Johnell Young, Tom Middleditch, Rosario Dawson, and Deric Augustine. This is also the first time all 12 teams in the WNBA have been featured in the 2K series. The neighborhood also returns with a new outdoor Pro-Am and other new features. 

Gameplay and visual remain familiar but has been upgraded

Earlier this year 2K Studios attempted to change a variety of different things with its gameplay, and it caused an uproar on Twitter. If you played 2K over the last couple of years, the gameplay would feel routine to you. The visuals in this year’s version are second to none. The facial animations and in-arena action look great as well.

For those of you, that are familiar with the gameplay, there have been a few upgrades, one of which has been the speed and turbo. It has once again been the centerpiece of the gameplay. The players may be more comfortable just holding the trigger button throughout; however, 2K has re-examined how the spirit button can be used. The feature now seems like it is a way to separate from your opponent or to get the basket.  The stamina has also been altered, and it seems it has been programmed to disappear if the turbo trigger is held down.

The shot meter was larger in the Demo, something I would prefer, but due to fan complaints, the developers decided to shrink back down to NBA 2k19 standards. I wish the default settings were a little bit more user-friendly to score because it could discourage new users from continuing playing the game. Online play could be affected some if players are not able to find the proper rhythm. I would advise users to practice before jumping online.

The Hype Magazine 4/5 rating 

In this year’s version of the videogame, there is something for every user. Whether that is just wanting to play online or taking an adventure in career mode. The visuals, gameplay, and experience continue to get better every year with each release. There are so many things to do in 2K20 and will take you all season to experience all of the capabilities it has to offer. If are a fan of basketball and like to play videogames, then this game is definitely for you.





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