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Remy Boy Monty is a Man On a Mission!

Mr. 1738 drops his new single, “Mission” on September 23rd! The New Jersey native is ready to provide his fans with some fire!

Long days and long nights is how, Remy Boy Monty describes what it’s been like for him as he’s set to release his upcoming project which will be proceeded by the single “Mission” on September 23rd. Monty has been grinding and plans to use the popularity of his feature on, Fetty Wap’s “Birthday” joint to catapult his project. His appearances on, Good Morning America and the VMA’s also serves as a catalyst for his perfect timing to put out new music. In 2015, Monty put out the, “Monty Zoo” mixtape and released the sequel in 2017. Following several features with, Fetty Wap, Remy Boy Monty is ready to focus on his solo career, but doesn’t rule out a joint venture with his, 1738 stablemate.

In my recent conversation with, Remy Boy Monty, he explains why timing is everything, talks about his new single and his future plans to utilize YouTube’s platform to give the fans a look into his life!

How is everything going?

Remy Boy Monty: So far everything is going good. I’ve just been working, bro. Been working, getting ready for this right here, that big moment. A lot of new, Monty about to get released.

I know you have been cooking up something. What has it been like, long days and long nights?

Remy Boy Monty: Definitely long days and long nights. It wouldn’t be any music without these long days and long nights. It’s all hard work. Definitely been in the studio going crazy, man. Making sure I give the fans the best type of music that, Monty could give them.

Are you nervous for the project to be out there, anxious… how have you been feeling?

Remy Boy Monty: I feel like I’m anxious right now. I want to get it out. I wanted to release it so fast. If it was me, I would’ve just did it and released it, but you know there is always a process to something. I just wanted to get it out there. Now that it’s time, I’m just itching for the fans to hear some new, Monty. I feel like every project I put together just gets better and better. Me as an artist, I still feel like I’m developing and getting better, so I feel like this is just another step up the ladder. I’m anxious just to see their reaction once it’s out.

You have been sprinkling a little bit of it out there. Can we expect a lot of what you have been throwing out as a teaser?

Remy Boy Monty: Definitely man! All of the stuff that I have been posting is little snippets from the tape. I’m dropping a, EP, it has 7 or 8 songs on there. All new music, all bangers up there and on top of that, I might be dropping stuff on the side too as well. Or maybe even coming into a whole other, EP. So, ya’ll going to get an, EP and some more fresh music I’ll be dropping as a side banger.

The reaction you are receiving just from the snippets are amazing. What made now the best time to deliver this music?

Remy Boy Monty: Timing is everything. Right now, Fetty Wap got the, “Birthday” record that he dropped, I’m on the record, it’s ringing, and they are playing it crazy right now. I feel like what better time than now. We got a big record that’s on the radio. I had to get back into that creative mode and create some fire. I made sure that the music was there. I wanted to make sure that the music was there for the fans and that it was fire-fire. I got an ear for music and I know what’s hot, so I had to go recreate it.

You and Fetty been at this thing for a minute. What’s that relationship like?

Remy Boy Monty: Wap… that’s my, bro right there. That’s my, bro for life. The last 2-years I have been focused on, Monty and getting Monty team and everything right. Wap been doing the same with his, but at the same time I get up with, Wap and we link and turn up together. It’s still there. Right now, we are operating as independent artists as much as working together. But you guys might get a, Monty and Fetty Wap project soon.

You were at the VMA’s and Good Morning America. What was that experience like and how was the atmosphere because it looked like you were living a movie?

Remy Boy Monty: Ah man… it was crazy! I felt like I was in L.A. somewhere, but it was in Jersey, so it was in my hometown, so it was a weird feeling. It was great to have something like that happening in Jersey. Jersey needed that for the culture. Yeah man, that was very big. It was a dope experience. And, Good Morning America, that was my first time on there and that was a dope experience. Shout to, Fetty Wap on that too. We performed the, “Birthday” joint on, Good Morning America. That was a great experience. Shout to, Michael Strahan too. It’s always a dope experience when you’re up there and you get to chop it up with all the other celebrities at one time. It was great.

The timing couldn’t have been better because of your project that’s coming on the 23rd. You had a lot of eyes on you.

Remy Boy Monty: Facts! Like I said, timing. This is it. Everything is timing and that’s why I felt this is the time right here. We’re going to get everything out. The momentum just been building up and now it’s time to get it out there. It’s time to release it and let the fans soak it up. And I got a lot to give them, so I gotta start getting it out there now. Once I start dropping, it’s going to be constant heat coming ya’ll way. It’s not going to stop. So, ya’ll going to see a lot of new stuff coming from, Monty. I’m giving them more of me as well because we’re also targeting YouTube as well. So, I’m going to be opening up to the fans and showing them what life is like being around, Monty and the life of, Monty. What do I go through on a day to day basis? Ya’ll are going to get a behind the scenes look of how this works from the inside.

It seems so important now to put a visual with things and so important to let fans inside your life and that’s why guys like yourself that interact with fans on social media are so popular.

Remy Boy Monty: Definitely. I 100% agree with that. Visuals and interaction is everything. Connecting with he fans is key. You want to just connect with them and vibe with them because they are your fans. That’s how I feel. The better the connection you have with them, the more solid your fanbase will become.

It also helps to remind people that you are human. We see you guys on such a big platform that sometimes we can forget that you have everyday triumphs, adversity, ups and downs as well.

Remy Boy Monty: Facts! No cap! Yeah! You basically get to show them this is life. What better way to let them experience it than to show it?

What can we expect on September 23rd?

Remy Boy Monty: September 23rd, Monty’s new single, man, “Mission.” It will be out. September 23rd, I will need everybody to go check that out right there. I feel like that song is just one of those motivating songs. If you’re on a mission and you have that tunnel vision, got that drive and got those goals… this for them. For the go-getters and people on that mission. Whatever you’re trying to achieve, I feel like this is one of them records that could help you get motivated to strive towards that. It just got a whole vibe to it and it’s a new, Monty sound, so the fans are going to fuck with this one.

It seems like, my man, Luke Cervino has a great relationship with damn near everyone in Jersey. Honestly, not just Jersey, but anyone he comes in contact with, they seem to speak very highly of him. He spoke very highly of you as well, just to be in his circle, interact with him and be able to pick his brain, what has that been like for you?

Remy Boy Monty: Luke is a good guy, man. Luke is dope. He’s one of the realest guys I have ever met. He’s a real close friend and he just keeps it a thousand with you. He’s a thousand and he’s a good guy, so he’s my guy… we just get into it. It’s all about getting to that next level, so I like his drive and his motivation. That’s my boy. We just had a connection since day one. We just started kicking it and that was it. God put people in your circle for the right reasons, so my boy, Luke just so happened to be there. That’s my boy.

I can’t wait to check out, “Mission” on September 23rd, I know it’s going to be dope and I’m sure everyone else will think so when it’s available for them to check out. Give me something in closing, bro.

Remy Boy Monty: Yeah definitely, man. Ya’ll already know, ya’ll going to get the new, Monty joint, “Mission,” on September 23rd. It’s going to be crazy, man. I need all of my fans to go support this. This is it, “1738!”




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