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Published on September 16th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Vaping Crisis: Sales Drop/Shift, Labs Add Testing, and More

Recreational marijuana vape product sales have declined in the wake of a nationwide health scare that caused several deaths and hundreds of illnesses, with consumers shifting their spending into other merchandise such as flower and pre-rolls, according to Marijuana Business Daily.

Vape’s share of the market in California stood at 32.8% the week of 8/19, falling to 29.0% by the week of 9/9. “That’s equivalent to a 12% drop in market share. Put another way, approximately one out of every eight dollars spent on vapes has shifted to other products such as flower and pre-rolls,” said Eli McVey, research editor of MJBizDaily.  [Chart attached]

“In Colorado, the share of vape sales fell even more sharply – from 19.2% the week of 8/19 to 14.5% by the week of 9/9. That’s a 24% drop in market share, meaning one out of every four dollars spent on vape products has shifted to other categories,” continued McVey.

CHART OF THE WEEK: Vape share of Recreational Cannabis Sales in 2019 By Week & State.

Follow the news as it develops at MJBizDaily:
Marijuana labs adding tests targeting vitamin E acetate in response to vaping health scare.


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