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Published on October 26th, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Allocai Uses Deep Pain to Fuel New Music in Fairy Tale Visuals for ‘Cloud9’   

Allocai uses deep pain to fuel new music in single ‘Cloud9’   

Allocai is a 21-year-old LA-based pop recording artist whose unique sound and style brings a breath of fresh air to the music industry. He’s not a one-trick pony when it comes to art but rather a well-rounded artist who pushes boundaries of stereotypical genres. A broad vocal range and versatile dance routines enables him to fully captivate an audience in his live performances, inevitably leaving them to reminisce their experience for years.

In his latest release, the official music video for “Cloud9”  portrays Allocai’s mental state while he was heavily abusing a cocktail of different drugs to escape the reality of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. A fairytale fantasy dreamworld in which he descends into is a representation of his happy place caused by the effects of drugs. The transition of the fairytale characters throughout the video (at first being composed and conformative and then later being rebellious and carefree) represents his personal transition from being a saint to eventually a carefree destructive rebel. In the video, the fairytale characters are a representation of his own self and he is a personification of the drugs. He is the bad influence on them who introduces them to a form of escapism. The battle between the two characters who he protrays in the video are a representation of the inward battle he was having with myself between both sides of my personality. On a subconscious level Allocai knew deep down that what he was doing was wrong and deadly but at a conscious level he didn’t care. This eventually led to an inward war to decide the future of his character.

Born in Jamaica, this young performer grew up experimenting with his curiosity for music and used it as a form of self expression to gain freedom from an adverse life that was constantly being molded by his draconian father. Perhaps the lowest point in his life came about five years ago when his father got romantically involved with his girlfriend, kicked him out of the house, wrote him off from their family company, got his girlfriend pregnant and later on got married to her! “A few months passed after that when I barely hung on to my sanity,” he said. “My depression got worse and worse, especially with the added pressure of being a medical student. It almost drove me to suicide. At my lowest point, my grandmother, whom I was living with at the time, encouraged me to go back to my roots and find a way to express my emotions that I’d been keeping to myself. Her words led me to rediscover my voice and talent, and to find a deeper purpose for it all. I used music as a form of emotional therapy and to express feelings that I couldn’t get out even in conversations with a therapist.”

After months of training and developing his craft, Allocai decided to drop out of medical school and venture to LA to pursue a career in the arts. He found a freedom of expression that he never knew before, and soon tapped into a side of his sexuality that he had kept hidden for many years. He started openly having romantic relationships with men until it eventually led him to find love in the eyes of another man. That combination of newfound joy and freedom of expression found its way into his music, and he hasn’t looked back since. In the years since, he has partnered with a record label, Tree4ort Records, and has put together his first album, “Cruelty.” That album is already highly anticipated along the West Coast and will display his ability to interweave different genres to create original sounds that are rooted in pop, but incorporate a variety of other influences.
Most recently, Allocai has released his new single, “Cloud9,” which is the first track to be released from “Cruelty”. A music video for the single is slated to drop in August. The album will tell the story of the ordeal with his father while creating vibes that he hopes will help audiences emote with him.

“It’s a way of experiencing emotions rather than listening to words,” he said. “Each song represents a particular emotion I experienced on my road to recovery. ‘Cloud9’ is a song that represents one of my lowest points and the drug abuse that came with it. It’s a chill, vibey type of feel, and it shows off the kind of music I want to make – anything that can give you a different flavor. My base genre will always be pop but I want to fuse that with things like reggae or hip hop or rock – just anything that will give it a different feel. The ultimate end game is to create music that stays true to a unique artistic sound and is still able to appeal to a contemporary audience. I love dancing as much as I love singing so a lot of dance jams are coming up on this album.”

Allocai said that he’s working hard to release the album before the end of the year.

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