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Published on October 22nd, 2019 | by Guest Editor


Corey Drumz Brings Street Wise Hip-Hop To Ascension With New Album Project ‘LSB’

Ascended hip-hop artist and Banks Brand Music founder, Corey Drumz, has been very active of late, releasing frequent and consistent singles off his new project, LSB.

LSB, which is an acronym for Light Spirit Body (the English translaion of Mer Ka Ba) is a continuously growing album, being released, unconventionally, 1 song at a time, in which Corey Drumz takes listeners on his journey through life and enlightenment to ascend as Merkaba, challenging historical and religious mis-truths, showing ways to acheive ascension through living example.

Currently, Corey has released 5 official tracks for LSB, all of which are available on all platforms, with 3 music videos available via Youtube and other platforms. “My plan is to release singles for LSB 1 by 1, to allow the audience to absorb the message in full view and give them insight into the struggles, trials and achievement of self balance, in order to inspire them to emerge into their own Merkaba” states Corey as he merges classic gritty street knowledge-reality rap with a message of ascension through trial and internal examination that is absolutely clear as Quartz crystal.

Check out the current LSB singles and stay tuned for the next installment, “Babble (ba-bel),” slated to be released 12-12-19.

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